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The silver seat series S5 smart toilet makes it easy to create an ideal bathroom

by:KingKonree     2021-10-26
The silver seat series S5 smart toilet can easily create an ideal bathroom. It is a private place for modern people to release the pressure of life. Bathroom products carry the beauty of home life. However, home improvement is one step at a time. What kind of space is enough to heal and soften your body and mind? Today we will take you to the home of Xiaohongshu life blogger@我叫王小宅, and follow the bloggers to buy good bathroom items and easily create an ideal home. 01 Bloggers share: The bathroom is a good species. The grass bathroom is a solitary space. Nearly 1/3 of people have the habit of brushing their phones, playing games, and thinking in a daze during toilet time, which can purify and release the pressure and negative energy of life. However, when your bathroom furnishing is not selected properly, you abruptly turn it into a tasteless space for the whole house, and the bathroom experience will be greatly reduced... Blogger@我叫王小宅, the decoration is decided to be half package + full supervision, and I learned about each A kind of decoration strategy for avoiding pits, and a selection of materials for hard and soft decoration. As a maternal and child life blogger, she is more concerned about the practicability and convenience of the products, especially the purchase of toilets, which directly affects the family's toilet experience. After several months of strategy study, the blogger's criteria for toilet selection have gradually become clear. Before being planted in Xiaohongshu, Dongpeng silver sitting series S5 smart toilet, after going offline to experience and understand, finally started this The toilet, even the elderly at home, said it was comfortable and convenient. What is unique about a toilet that can be liked by bloggers? Stylish and simple appearance? Simple and convenient operation? Outstanding user-friendly functions? With a series of questions, follow the pace of the blogger to take you to experience a bathroom black technology, and teach you from 'chicken ribs' to 'true fragrance'. 02Antibacterial technology: Silver ions are long-lasting protection in a long-term damp bathroom, bacteria are more likely to multiply pathogenic microorganisms, and always endanger the elderly and children with weaker resistance. The blogger @我叫王小宅 pays more attention to the antibacterial ability of sanitary products. This silver seat series S5 smart toilet, with triple powerful antibacterial technology, is deeply loved by her. The addition of silver ion antibacterial ingredients to the ceramic body glaze can effectively inhibit the common Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus in the toilet. The antibacterial rate is as high as 97%. It is long-lasting protection throughout the day and is more safe to use in the toilet; and the toilet surface has passed 2 layers Glaze is applied and fired at high temperature to form a dense protective layer. The glaze is smooth and flat, long-lasting anti-fouling, and easier to clean. The toilet seat in direct contact with the human body is made of SIAA certified antibacterial materials; the nozzle uses LED ultraviolet technology to effectively kill bacteria; the quick-release nozzle is convenient to clean, reduces bacterial infections, and brings clean enjoyment from the source. 360° all-round antibacterial sterilization, long Effectively protect family health. 03 Smart technology: Enjoy quality life. Many netizens mentioned that they are worried that the smart toilet is cumbersome to operate, and the elderly and children at home will not use it? When choosing a toilet, bloggers also have this trouble. The silver seat series S5 smart toilet has a one-key start of automatic flushing function, easy operation, and smart and comfortable toileting. The toilet uses a 360° stepless knob to simplify the function keys and rotate them as you like without memorizing. The front rotation realizes the automatic bidet washing function (bide washing—drying—automatic flushing); the back rotation realizes the automatic hip washing function; in the cleaning state, the rotating knob can also adjust the water pressure and wind temperature, realizing a convenient and worry-free bathroom Experience. Green Energy Intelligent Control (small remote control) is also a big 'black technology' of the silver seat series S5 smart toilet. Paste it on the wall of the bathroom as you like, easy to use, and you are not afraid to find a conventional remote control when you go to the bathroom. This 'self-powered' remote control can realize the functions of toilet flip, ring flip, and flushing without a battery. It will never be idle and is green and environmentally friendly. In terms of convenience, the automatic sensing flip function of the toilet can free your hands when using the toilet, bringing a comfortable and convenient experience, and effectively reducing direct contact with the toilet, further reducing the risk of bacterial transmission; off-seat flushing function , Caring for the 'little forgetfulness' of parents. The well-built bathroom allows us to relieve the ups and downs and fatigue, and enjoy the small corners of the soul and the sense of happiness. The silver seat series S5 smart toilet can easily create the same bathroom for bloggers, bringing a healthier and more comfortable bathroom experience for every family. (
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