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The smart bathroom market has become a battleground for bathroom companies

by:KingKonree     2021-05-13

The changes brought about by technology infiltrating life are beyond anyone's imagination. With the continuous progress of technology research and development, technology is used in sanitary products. Can you imagine a full-touch bathroom without any faucet? Do you expect a toilet that can detect your health and play MP3? In today's bathroom industry, these products are gradually being developed and put into the market.

Strongly push new smart products against the trend

Smart sanitary ware has become a major mainstream trend in the sanitary ware market. Whether in major brand exhibition halls or exhibitions, smart bathroom products have become a role that has attracted much attention. At the Shanghai Sanitary Ware Exhibition held in May, TOTO, Kohler, American Standard, Ego, Anmeng, etc. all launched smart sanitary products, using various new technologies to compete with others.

'Bathroom intelligence is the general direction of industry development. Although the current smart bathroom products have low standardization, compatibility, and relatively expensive prices, the market prospects are very broad.' Said the manager Liu Jiyong.

The reporter learned that Huameijia launched the 'Smart Wash'-high-end smart toilet series. The instant-heating smart toilet heats when it is turned on. The water temperature is constant, the water and electricity are isolated, which is safe and energy-saving. And Huida Sanitary Ware also launched smart toilets, whose functions involve women's cleaning, night light, sliding disassembly and so on. TOTO launched a toilet for the elderly this year. The armrest of the toilet can be raised and lowered automatically. The combination of a washstand and a wheelchair is convenient for the elderly to clean.

The smart bathroom market has become a battleground for bathroom companies

New ideas are emerging in endlessly

The most common ones in smart bathroom products Counting toilets, most of the smart toilets are designed to be very user-friendly, close to the needs of human nature, and add functions such as automatic cleaning, warm water adjustment, seat ring heating, and warm air drying. The reporter found that in order to form their own differentiated competition in the market, many companies are working hard on the intelligentization of bathroom cabinets and overall bathroom spaces.

Jiumu Kitchen and Bathroom has launched a smart bathroom cabinet this year. Its mirror surface integrates multiple functions such as weather forecast, smart light control, and MV. The special feature of its smart toilet is that all the switch buttons are It can be controlled by mobile phone Andriod and Apple iOS system.

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