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The transaction data of sanitary ware products on the whole network in the third quarter of 2015 released

by:KingKonree     2021-05-23

On October 1st, according to the data cube statistics, in the third quarter of this year, the whole network (Taobao, Tmall platform) sales data of sanitary products were released. The top ten sanitary products that accounted for transactions were bathroom cabinet combinations and shower flowers. Sprinkler faucet (set), ordinary toilet, bathroom cabinet, basin faucet, integrated smart toilet, bath towel rack/towel rack, smart toilet cover, ordinary bathtub, floor drain.

Smart cover products began to cool down

The top 10 sanitary products in the third quarter. Among them, there were 8 categories of products that saw a month-on-month increase in sales, such as smart toilet covers and floor drains. All are negative growth, especially the smart toilet cover. The transaction ratio is 2.82%, and the transaction growth rate is -14.82%. The transaction ratio is smaller than 5.53% in the first quarter and 3.67% in the second quarter. To a certain extent It also reflects that the smart cover has cooled down, and the fact that Chinese tourists no longer snapped up the smart cover in Japan during the National Day Golden Week also reflects the current situation. Compared with all-in-one smart toilets, the proportion of transactions in the first three quarters rose slightly, 3.67%, 4.06%, and 4.26% respectively, but the proportion of transactions showed signs of slowing down.

The top 3 brands in terms of transaction value all increased

The top 10 brands in terms of transaction value in the third quarter were Wrigley, Jiumu, Kohler, TOTO, cobbe/卡贝, submarine/submarine, Moen, Faenza/Faenza, Marco Polo, Dongpeng. Among them, Wrigley, Jiumu, and Kohler ranked the top three in terms of transaction value, with transaction values u200bu200bof 266809305.05, 167398100.36, and 142081677.79 respectively. Compared with the previous two quarters, the three brands had different degrees of growth.

The combination of online and offline models may become the mainstream of sanitary ware

On September 29, the State Council issued the 'Opinions on Promoting Online and Offline Interaction and Accelerating the Innovation, Development, Transformation and Upgrading of Commercial Circulation' (Referred to as the 'Opinions'), affirmed for the first time that the online and offline interactive development model is one of the most dynamic economic forms, a new way to promote consumption and a new bright spot for the innovative development of business circulation.

The 'Opinions' pointed out that the retail industry conducts omni-channel operations through online and offline interaction; the wholesale industry transforms from commodity wholesale to supply chain management services through online and offline interaction. As for the sanitary ware industry, the combination of online and offline development models has become a common phenomenon. As a representative company that combines online and offline models, Jiumu's development model has always been compared by the industry. At present, the online development of Wrigley, Faenza, Marco Polo, Dongpeng and other brands is becoming more and more mature, and some small and medium-sized brands have also joined. Encouraged by the State Council, putting aside the online and offline disputes, combining the two, taking into account physical and e-commerce may be the most balanced development model.

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