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The trend of plumbing and bathroom hardware industry is playing fashion style

by:KingKonree     2021-05-13

China's plumbing and bathroom hardware is becoming more and more segmented, and following the three major trends can also play a fashionable dance.

Smart bathroom technology leads the unconventional

The emergence of smart bathroom has revolutionized the traditional bathroom. I dare not say that it is hearty and happy, but 'the new civilization of the bathroom is high The arrival of the 'technological era' is an indisputable fact.

When it comes to intelligent sanitary products, one cannot fail to mention the induction faucet. The hot sale of induction faucets has fired a very beautiful shot to realize the intelligentization of the bathroom, followed by the intelligent temperature-regulating bathtub, Smart flush toilet. Some people doubt that smart bathroom has not caused a hurricane of 'toilet revolution' in the market, and whether it will always suffer from a 'cold spot'. In fact, ideas are the chief culprit in this revolution. Parents are relatively conservative and don’t like smart bathroom products. Now, '8090' has become more and more the main force in market consumption. They are unconventional and unique in style. As they grow up, smart bathroom products will surely become a new product in the bathroom industry. darling.

Fun with taste in high-end bathroom products

'White bones' is synonymous with white-collar workers, backbones, and elites, and refers to those with high education, high income, and high-level 'three high women' . As half the sky in the workplace, they have a certain degree of economic strength and hope to use products of international standards and use this to show their taste. But this kind of economic strength is not enough to consume very high-end products, so it often pursues 'marginalization

The price of sanitary ware is the king of affordable price

Different from the above two, the first factor that Shinai (housewives, English transliteration) considers when facing hardware sanitary products is brand. Next is the price, and then the quality. Shinai is a representative of middle and low-end consumers. They have limited economic conditions and don't know much about bathroom hardware, so they pay more attention to price. In addition, sanitary discounts are a powerful catalyst for teachers and nurses, and they have deepened consumer desires. Therefore, many businesses have grasped the psychology of Shinai and launched indiscriminate promotional activities on large-scale festivals such as Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas Day, and National Day.

Summary: As the saying goes, everything is possible. In addition to entering the sub-markets in the market segment based on the above factors, as the sanitary ware market becomes more mature, it is not impossible to enter more and more detailed market segments through occupational factors, personality factors, demographic factors, and even ethnic factors in the future. Yes, so as to capture the different consumer groups of bathroom.

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