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the truth about being a cna

by:KingKonree     2020-02-26
Registered Nursing Assistant--Good Move? Yes and No.
I don\'t want to be a CNA until I crash and fill out my CNA training application.
My mother was CNA for most of my life and I never thought I could do that.
My main reservation about getting into it is to see the private part of the adult ---
Not to mention having direct contact with their poopie doop.
Why am I doing this?
Well, I was at school, doing \"helpers\" in a nursing home where my mom worked, distributing snacks and pushing residents here and there.
I have been doing it for two years at this point and I am tired.
I want to quit, but I don\'t have the personality, contact or anything I need to find a job at Target or Walmart.
I want to say that I signed up for CNA training because I have a huge heart and want to take care of people but not.
I need to run away and I want to make more money.
Since I couldn\'t find a job at the grocery store, I had to bite my teeth and earn a skill set so I could work elsewhere.
On the one hand, I suggest CNA-
People who need job security now.
Only 8 of the classes I attended-
Always need 10 weeks time and place for CNAs--
Nursing homes in particular, because CNAs always resign.
Another good thing is that if you decide to go to nursing school, you don\'t have to do the CNA section that is needed for most nursing programs.
Also, with certification, you are eligible to work in more places.
I know there are several places where PCAs are hired (
Personal care assistant)
There is no certification, but the salary of these people is slightly lower than that of CNAs and it is not possible to transfer their experience to most other facilities unless certified.
While there are some benefits to this career choice, I do not recommend anyone to enter the field without an exit plan.
This should not be the last stop for anyone.
A cna I have worked with has been doing it for 30 years and I know that others have been doing it for almost 30 years.
I have only been in the game for three years and I can\'t imagine if you can do better in any way I will stay.
Now, if you think that\'s what you can do in life, or if you happen to like it (yeah right)
Then you are the best CNA! (Err. . . I guess)
It\'s been two years since I changed a brief (diaper)
If you don\'t know yet, I still have quite a bit of disdain for this kind of work. Contempt. Irritation.
The rest of this shot will explain why.
If you look at the certified care assistant page for any occupational directory, you may see some version of this image ---
An old man sitting with CNA, smiling and happy to be there.
Your tutor will try to draw a beautiful picture and if you don\'t know the person who does it, you may be surprised by the amount of work involved.
Even in the articles you might come across, assuming CNAs makes the job look great, they love it.
No one\'s always pissing me off to tell the truth! ! !
To be honest, there are some moments of calm where you have the opportunity to sit down and talk to your residents. . . . .
There are times when some of them appreciate what you do for them, but these times are far from each other.
When you read this, keep in mind that all my 3 years of CNA work is done in a nursing home.
Of all the places where you can choose to work, I think the nursing home is the most stressful.
The place where I live, the nursing home pays a little more (a $1)
Than a hospital that likes to experience (
They want experience but pay less. . .
What does this mean? ).
As far as I know hospitals are easier to work because patients are different in age, they are more likely to do it for themselves, or have a family member who helps them to wear clothes, take a shower, etc. . .
Also, this is not bad if the patient does not want to take a shower or any personal care, as it is likely that they will return home within a few days.
Average daily CNA DutyOn (morning shift)
, I will be assigned the \"track\" of 6 rooms, equivalent to 12 residents.
If lucky, 2 or 3 of these residents may need little or no help in personal care.
This makes it necessary for 9 people to take a bath, dress and (possibly)
Put in a wheelchair or recliner during lunch time.
Of course, if someone asks for sick leave, we will have 8-10 rooms.
In the CNA training you will be taught how to properly lay the bed, take a shower, brush your teeth, etc.
When you take the actual part of the CNA test, you drop it all down.
Unfortunately, most of what you learn when you hit the floor goes out of the window.
Although it sounds bad, the residents of the nursing home do not receive the best care possible.
This is not to say that CNAs are ruthless, careless people, but that they will do very little if they do everything \"by Book.
Bed Bath, for example.
In training, they show you the right way to clean the whole body from head to foot.
I usually only fill in a washbasin (
Some people don\'t even do that)
When I changed their brief, they washed under their arms and torso and at the bottom.
If these people can\'t speak for themselves, or if they don\'t have family members who will come in and complain later, their teeth won\'t be brushed.
No nail care.
I know it\'s bad, but there are other people who need to prepare for the day.
Do you know?
Beginner CNAs trying to get the perfect job done is something other CNAs are starting to dislike because when the lights go out and the specified CNA is already in the room forever
Even if you are busy, the nurse will catch you and let you take care of a resident you are not even assigned to, even if you have your own work to do!
Resident family members also hate the \"slow\" CNAs because all they know is that CNA took 30 minutes to shower and dress the \"mom, or they were upset that their parents had not \"got up\" when they came to visit.
After the residents clean up, the next step is to dress them.
This part is not bad unless this person is signed, really big, or a \"warrior (
Will explain later).
After the residents are decent, the next thing to do is to put them in a wheelchair.
The correct way to transfer residents is to wrap a gait band around people who can stand, or use some kind of mechanical lift (
For heavier).
I have never used a gait band because I rarely use it!
Some residents can stand with help and I will lift or pull those lighters that can\'t move into the chair.
This is one thing that I don\'t like about CNA work: sometimes relying on other CNAs to help me out.
I always help my CNAs colleagues with a smile, but a lot of CNAs give an attitude when you ask them to help you improve someone or help you change someone.
In a nursing home, you will have to work with some of the big residents who can\'t do anything for themselves. . .
Some people can\'t even turn over without your help.
It\'s just frustrating when you have someone to wear and you can\'t find someone to help you (
Because they\'re busy or because you don\'t want to ask for help from a certain CNA)
Change them or put them in the chair.
The meal time is usually not that bad, because after everyone has food, you can sit down and rest for a while when you feed the \"feeder (
Residents who need to be fed, of course).
After dinner, it is usually time for residents to lie down and change their clothes.
They will most likely want to stay in bed until dinner time.
Nursing homes are different in terms of residents\' makeup and patient care supplies.
In the last nursing home where I work, most residents need some degree of care, but the makeup of the residents is not intensive and they need the maximum amount of care.
Throughout the facility, at any time, we had a maximum of 5 people who really needed to transfer the hoyer elevator ---which is good. .
Hoyer lift is useful but painful because it takes longer to transfer someone with it, not just to put them in a chair, but to those who need hoyer lift, they do need it because they are too big.
One minute, I work in another place where there are 4 hoyer lift people on one track! ! !
They seem to accept everyone.
I hate that place.
As far as supplies are concerned, I work in two places and let\'s clean up with towels.
On the one hand, the towels are good because we wet them with warm water (
Instead of shocking residents with cold adult wipes)
But they are not hygienic because the whole towel gets dirty if you have to clean up the \"mess\" and touch the skin of the residents again and again.
Also, I think the towel is really rough on the skin.
The last place I worked was with adult wipes.
They are more hygienic when they are cold.
Throw it away every time you wipe one or two).
Residents who may not sound so bad. . . .
If all you have to do is step 1-
3 go home with everyone.
This is a nation.
Work-oriented, there are a lot of personality to deal.
Including annoying residents.
When you try to get your people up and ready to work, there will be a lit call light to greet you when you leave the room.
Residents do need help most of the time, but CNA is just one person.
Imagine coming out of a room just to deal with a dirty briefing, throwing clothes in a basket, and your other three rooms are lit up and one of the residents is yelling, because they answered quickly.
The room you just came out is not finished yet!
The first annoying residents were \"light nannies \".
They are known for \"staying under the lights\" and where I work, you will have one or two patients who meet this description.
You could have met their last request and they would have started wanting something else again.
There is a lady who turns on her lights almost every 20 minutes and wants to change.
We\'ll check her out, she\'s not wet or her diaper has just been spilled.
Then the other lady always turned on her light and wanted to be pulled higher on the bed.
She is under-lit for a person, so whenever her light comes on, it means her CNA has to go out and get someone to help.
Then another lady turned on the light for free.
She turns on the lights every five minutes and lets you move a mat or ask what to eat for dinner.
The second group is \"warrior\" and/or \"mean person \".
As it sounds, fighters are those who try to hit, kick, and hit you while you take care of you.
All the \"warriors\" I met \"(except one)
There is not enough awareness to understand what is really happening.
Warriors are often fun because they are usually not strong enough to hurt you, but they hit and kick you with everything they have.
My most memorable \"Warrior\" was a little lady in my last nursing home.
She hit me whenever I had to change her clothes.
It\'s a bit funny because all you hear from behind the privacy curtain is \"Slap! Pap! Slap!
\"From the time she hit me on the arm, I \'ve been turning her back and forth, cleaning her, and giving her a briefing.
Mean people are worse than warriors because even though they may not have a \"all\" mind, they have enough mind to call your name and belittle you.
Personally, I have never met the word \"N\", but I know that there are residents who use the word and say the same derogatory words to CNAs.
To a large extent, I am not such a sensitive person, but on two occasions my feelings have been hurt.
One night, I walked into a man\'s room, changed a brief before returning home, put on his pajamas, and I was as good as I could be. . . .
When I tried to take off his pants, its cuffs hurt his foot and he basically scolded me out.
Another time, I went to find a lady that I was not familiar with, I just wanted her to change her clothes, she was resistant and said something mean no matter how sweet I was trying to talk to her, I have to pinch her and hit her on purpose.
Not so many mean people but they are the worst because here you try to make sure they are clean and not left in a soaked wet briefing or poopie bed, they will scold you by name. You know?
The money you pay to most people is not enough to clean the dook of adults, but here I want to make sure you are dry, clean, not dirty. . .
You will be there if you stay alone. . .
Families of family residents can sometimes help.
Sometimes they take their family out on the porch or off the field.
Some of them will take their elderly loved ones to the bathroom, believe it or not, and some will even change their parents\' briefings themselves.
This is not common, however.
Most family members are in pain.
They will turn on the call light and have CNAs go to the bathroom with \"Mom.
Or change the \"mom\" briefing.
Or put \"mom\" in the chair.
Or let her lie down.
It may take more than one person to do it. . . .
Then you may not be able to find someone who can help).
Then, half of the people will stay in the room and watch you do patient care, which is very uncomfortable.
I had my family stay in the room and watched me feed their parents, which I thought was ridiculous.
I know this is the job of CNAs, but family members usually take the tray of their loved ones and help them eat and make CNA free time to feed others.
I know most of you may think cleaning adult feces is the worst part of the job.
This is not, in my opinion.
After the first week, you are really used to it.
I got to the point where if I was the one doing patient care I could barely smell it.
Only when someone comes out of the room or the trash can is full will I smell it in the hallway.
The worst part of the job, in my opinion, is the nurse.
The best nurses are those who become CNAs because they understand how work works.
Older nurses don\'t have to pass CNA certification when they finish their studies, so they don\'t have the first
What is it hand knowledge.
I have a nurse who will help a few patients take a shower and wear clothes, but if you end up working with someone who will do that, you are so lucky.
Most nurses are very unconsiderate and do not think that doing one way or another is in line with their job description.
We had staff meetings before and everyone mentioned that the nurse should answer the phone. But will they? No.
They just want to run around CNA like a maid.
Once I saw a nurse asking CNA to fix someone\'s sheets. C\'mon.
The nurse just came out of the room and he couldn\'t simply pull the sheets over?
Another time, I heard a resident ask the nurse to give her a remote control. . . . .
Did you know that this nurse came out of the room and waited on CNA to leave the other room and let her see what the residents wanted?
Another time a nurse had a CNA go to a room just to put on someone\'s socks. ABSURD!
I have had such a personal experience.
It was almost afternoon and I was still getting all 1250 of my residents up and a nurse came out of the room and shouted to me and needed to put a potty on a patient.
She just got out of the room!
You mean, it\'s impossible for her to take a minute to put this lady on the bed tray because I see I\'m trying to get everyone to take a shower, dress and make the bed?
Another time, the same nurse called me to a room, not even on my track, to change to a lady whose family was present.
Considering it\'s not my room and the resident is really big, I think the nurse will stay and at least hold her aside so I can change her, but she just left!
I\'m sorry about that.
The nurses really made me nervous because most of them were hypocrites!
During the meeting, they claimed to love the residents very much and they wanted to do their best to help us and provide the best care for these patients.
I only met a real nurse (
The one I mentioned earlier).
She will trim her nails, feed and lay the bed as much as possible. . . (
Her medicine still passed)
She\'s amazing. est nurse!
I don\'t expect nurses to do our job for us, I just want them to have some consideration and respect for CNAs.
If I was in a room and my lights went out, can\'t you see what they want and help if they can?
Do you want your mother to sit in her room and wait 45 minutes for her to go to bed or take an item from across the room? . . . . .
You should care about these people as much as you care about your family.
All the nurses want to do is quickly distribute the medicine so they can sit behind the nurse station.
This is indeed the goal of most of them.
The government is also bad because they know how the place should work. . .
The ideal situation is. . . . then reality.
For example, residents should turn to their other side every two hours (
Prevent pressure sore). HA!
Every once in a while, they put these colored discs under some patients and you should go to the nurse when you find it. .
It\'s impossible for CNA to get people to do all the work they have to do every two hours.
Another time, a male resident on my track complained about wanting to take a shower.
This is not the day of his bath, the reason why no one can do this is because we can\'t leave him unattended in the shower room, the man actually spent 30-
45 minutes shower.
He went to tell the administrator (
Not a nurse or CNA)
She came to our wings and said that someone had to do so.
He\'s on my track, so that means me.
What should happen to my other residents who need to change their clothes and go to bed after lunch?
Because when I was taking a shower with this guy, the nurse certainly wouldn\'t be able to help answer their lights.
The blood pressure cuff of CNA, you may need to take vital signs.
Your wing may have one or two sets of vital signs equipment for the wing you are working on.
One thing I found very useful was the automatic blood pressure cuff.
I\'m not talking about the ones you smoke. -
I mean the one you wear on the residents\' wrists.
It reads blood pressure and pulse.
Some people have really big arms and it\'s hard to measure blood pressure with a manual cuff because velcro will open all the time.
The wrist BP sleeve is suitable for any wrist (If not, OMG! )
It takes about 30 seconds to read.
Be careful because some nurses don\'t like CNAs using them (
Another way to make your life difficult)
Say they are not accurate.
I said, hide one in your pocket and make sure the nurse doesn\'t find you using it.
You would think that the nurse would do his/her own vital signs to make sure that the values were correct, rather than depending on the busy CNAs, and that they could barely squeeze out the time to complete them.
All in all, the purpose of this lens is not to scare anyone into CNA.
I just wanted to know something about the reality of the job, because as I said, anywhere you see the CNAs description, they all make the job look like a pleasant one just like you will like it.
Just like you sit there all day laughing and remembering with the lovely old man.
There is a good time in the busy and busy.
Some older people are sweet and understanding and will do their best to help you.
It\'s so sweet when you get that rare, thank you so much for helping them out.
Occasionally, it\'s really nice that some resident family members bring gifts or food for CNAs to express their gratitude.
Despite the negative effects, I encourage anyone who enters the CNA job not to be discouraged if you have to do it for a while.
Your own first day can be very frustrating when you\'re new, and you\'re still programmed to do everything in the book.
After a while, you will get the hang of it.
You may feel weak at first, but you will become stronger over time.
I don\'t think it\'s a real workout, but after a few months of my first CNA job, my arms and back were a bit strong.
Don\'t be discouraged in the first few days. . . .
You might be slow.
Trying to do it the way you are taught)
But it takes some time to do a routine.
I don\'t think anyone likes the job, though.
I don\'t care what others say.
Keep in mind that all I know is nursing homes, so it may be easier to work in a hospital or hospice.
Nursing homes will be the same everywhere you go.
I think that if the ratio of CNA to patients is reduced, this work will be the only way to be ideal.
If there are only 6 people in CNA who can concentrate, I think they need everything (
Teeth protection, full bed bath, nail care)
Can be managed easily.
But it won\'t happen because it\'s all a matter of money and the company doesn\'t want to use more CNAs to pay for the staff of the nursing home. Agree? Disagree?
Change of heart?
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