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The use and decoration method of bathroom basin

by:KingKonree     2021-04-29

   According to the size of the bathroom space and the needs of the family, to choose the right basin, of course the height of the basin must be considered. The size of the washbasin in the bathroom is not specified, and the size of the washbasin can be large or small. When buying a basin, the first thing to consider is the size of the basin, and then factors such as material and style should also be considered. Today we will talk about the usefulness and decoration methods of bathroom basins.

  The quality of washbasin

   There are many sanitary ware brands on the market. When we choose, the quality must be very What is worthy of everyone’s attention, high-quality wash basins are most worthy of peace of mind when used in our lives. Therefore, when we choose wash basins, the quality will also rank first. Therefore, our wash basins The quality of the basin has also become a decisive factor in the choice. It is worthy of everyone's attention, we can try to choose those big brand products, so that we can use it more easily and enjoy a convenient life.

The location and style of    washbasin

  Which position and style of washbasin are installed are very important. Nowadays, there are many styles of washbasins. Some are above counter basins, and some are cabinet wash basins. Therefore, we can choose according to the university of the bathroom, so that our wash basins will be more practical. Generally, if the bathroom space is relatively small, cabinet-style wash basins will be chosen, which saves space and can be used with higher value.

What are the commonly used basin sizes for   

   bathroom basin sizes are different, it is almost difficult to find two different types of basin sizes It is exactly the same, and it is precisely because of this situation that many users do not pay attention to the size of the basin when buying a basin. As long as it can be used with the bathroom cabinet, the size is not much different. Although this is possible, it is Less than the best decorative effect, there are some uncoordinated factors to impress the decorative effect of the entire bathroom.

   At present, the commonly used basin sizes are: 585×390mm, 600×460mm, 700×460mm, 750×460mm, 800×460mm, 900×460mm, 1000×460mm, 600×405×155mm, 410×310×140mm and other sizes. In addition, there are many commonly used basin sizes. Because the basin is a private sanitary ware product, in order to meet the needs of each user as much as possible, the manufacturer has to withdraw many basins of different sizes. Eventually, the current situation emerged.

  What is the height of the bathroom basin

   Although the problem of the height of the basin is not very noticeable, it is one that cannot be ignored If the basin is installed too high, it is inconvenient to use, and if it is too low, it will easily cause pain in the waist and back of people standing, and water will splash everywhere. Especially for wall-mounted basins, users must pay attention to the height of the basin. Under normal circumstances, the owner has no special requirements for the height of the basin, so the height of the pool or countertop should be kept at 80~85 during installation. Between centimeters.

  Because of their height, some users need to make appropriate adjustments to the height of the basin because of the height of the conventional basin. What is the height of the bathroom basin in this case? Just pay attention to one principle: the height of the bathroom basin should be kept at a height of about half of the user's own height. This height is also very comfortable for users to use.

  After reading the introduction of the above article, I hope it will help you in your life.

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