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The width of cabinet countertops and design points are introduced

by:KingKonree     2021-04-17

Kitchen decoration should be appropriately designed according to the specific characteristics of the kitchen space, consumers' own habits and aesthetic preferences. The design of the cabinet countertop is of course no exception, let's take a look at how to design the cabinet countertop.

The color choice of the cabinet countertop

Apple green: this kitchen has a bright and similar color, but the color is on the color wheel The cool blue and green in the middle give people a complex and peaceful feeling. The cabinets are small and fresh apple green, and the color of the marble countertops is dark black. The alternate combination of cold and warm makes the kitchen space more refreshing.

White: A good way to incorporate bright colors into your kitchen is to keep the neutral colors of expensive equipment such as countertops, cabinets and floors. For things that are easy to change, bright green or white can be used, such as wall paint.

Generally speaking, light and bright colors make a small kitchen appear spacious; low-purity colors make the kitchen warm, cordial and harmonious; warm colors make the kitchen empty atmosphere. The atmosphere of the space is lively and warm, which can enhance appetite.

Cabinet countertop width design

From the cabinet countertop to the bottom of the wall cabinet, the high dimension is 600 mm; the low dimension is 500 mm. The layout of the kitchen cabinets and the height of the workbench should be suitable for the height of the housewife, and the width of the cabinet countertop should not be less than 900 mm × 460 mm.

The height of the cabinet under the cabinet (work surface)

Generally, the workbench is divided into two levels: high and low: the high size is 890-910mm, which is the size commonly used in western countries; The low size is 810-840mm, which is the size commonly used in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Now, some kitchen cabinets can adjust the feet to make the work surface reach the appropriate scale. The height from the work surface to the bottom of the wall cabinet is 600mm; the lower one is 500mm. The layout of the kitchen cabinet and the height of the workbench should be suitable for the height of the housewife.

Design points of cabinet countertop storage configuration

Small push cabinet with drawers: The handy push cabinet has complete functions, not only It has a closed drawer, a wine rack and a pull-out stainless steel shelf underneath, forming a level storage space to meet different storage needs.

The plastic anti-falling design in the narrow pull basket: The vertical narrow pull basket has a long and narrow storage space that is very suitable for storing stuffed or bottle-shaped items. The white plastic anti-fall design that matches the metal pull basket inside can effectively reinforce the bottles and cans placed in it, which is very intimate.

Stretchable concealed drawer type countertop: Set up a stretchable drawer type countertop in the meal preparation area, which can temporarily expand the area of u200bu200bthe countertop as needed, and the innermost side can be turned, so the stretched countertop is more The existing operating table is wider, practical and convenient, and can be stored under the table to save space.

In addition, the height of the kitchen countertop should also be based on your own height and comfortable at work; and we should also consider it when buying cabinets When it comes to factors such as height and width, it is best to choose products with adjustable height to facilitate our use.

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