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The wooden floor on the balcony creates a private leisure club

by:KingKonree     2021-04-08

  The balcony has many functions. We can plant flowers and green air on it. We can breathe fresh air on it. We can also look far and adjust our mood from the balcony. You can also drink tea on the balcony. The balcony is a good place for us to relax, so the balcony decoration should be natural and fresh. Some decoration settings on the balcony also need to be integrated, so there should not be too much conflict.

   This is a Japanese-Korean-style balcony decoration style, the whole is designed with transparent glass, allowing the sun to effectively shine into the house; and the bright pine and cypress color solid wood floor , So that the reflected sunlight is softer. With a small coffee table and cushions, it gives people a casual living atmosphere. When we sipped tea on the balcony, it must feel very good. The green plants on the balcony add a little spring mood and make the balcony full of vitality.

   This is a simple and fresh balcony application. The green plants on the balcony add color to our room and purify the air. The off-white wooden solid wood floors just set off the green more clearly, and the combination of solid wood floors and balcony plants will be more harmonious, which can be well integrated with the entire balcony.

   At a glance, this is a good place to live and relax. The simple and natural design allows us to maintain peace of mind at all times. The solid wood floor and the wall are effectively matched together, without the bright color contrast, it gives people the feeling of peace. Drinking tea and chatting with family or friends on the balcony, looking at the distant scenery, adding more color to our lives.

   For larger villas, the balcony range is relatively large, and the design is also diverse. Like the above, it is also a good choice to design the balcony into a Western-style leisure style. You can ask some friends to drink coffee, play poker and so on. In the exchange, the feelings between friends have been enhanced, and our hearts have been released.

   Generally speaking, the effect of using solid wood flooring on the balcony is better than that of floor tiles. Floor tiles cannot be well integrated into the leisure environment, nor can they interact well with plants. When matched together, it is easy to feel abrupt. On the contrary, solid wood flooring can blend well with the balcony and live in harmony with plants.

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