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the world of art museum toilets, revealed

by:KingKonree     2020-02-27
Since 1917
When Marcel Duchamp reverses a urinal, sign it with a fake name.
Mutt, known as arttoilets (and urinals)
Has a special relationship with the art world.
For example, think about the painting of William de Coning on the old toilet seat, or Jonathan Hart Sean, who put some of his paintings in the bathroom of the Museum of Modern Art, and take pictures of a performance called \"returning to nature.
But New York-
Museum of toilet art ()
Yes, a reply.
Photos of art galleries toilets, bathrooms and urinals around the world have been collected and are now being invited to submit.
If you want to know, the \"museum\" only exists online --
Its website gently enjoyed its time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, blatantly incorporating the famous \"M\" logo of the Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as the design and appearance of the Metropolitan Museum of Art website.
The art museum bathroom has some peeping and fascinating things.
Online galleries span cities such as Perth, Australia; Kyoto, Japan; and St.
Peterborough of Russia
Especially for women who don\'t often venture into male rooms, the urinals have amazing diversity: from industry (
In the Winter Palace)
To the ovules (
Tate Modern
The man feeding the birdlike (
Shanghai Art Museum).
These photos even offer a new perspective.
Symbolic and literal-
On Daily equipment.
For example, how many people can see the urinal from this vantage point?
This is a very private space, says Rusel Parish, a New York artist whose website is taking up a very private space and making it public, taking and assembling most of the photos. World-
He pointed out that first-class museums like the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum can spend a lot of money in the museum bathroom and bathroom.
\"This is usually an aesthetic place.
\"Over time, the Museum of Art presents an evolution.
\"It often becomes more organic with the modernization of the bathroom,\" said Mr. Parish said.
\"It tends to become less rigid.
He also said: \"You don\'t have to flush the toilet or open the water in the museum now.
The less you contact, the better.
He added: \"The more money you spend on something, the less particles you have in space.
You might as well walk in and take care of everything.
\"But there is still something powerful and emotional in the images of the bathroom, the urinal and the toilet.
Maybe that\'s why the toilets/fountains at San Francisco Discovery Museum cause this conflict among tourists.
Since the Duchamp era, art and toilets have been integrated many times.
Last year, the 83-year-old Davis and the showyear-
Retail and wholesale dealers of old toilets and other items in New York have created a showroom that displays its merchandise as art in the gallery.
Individuals entrust artists to customize the urinals for up to $10,000. (
Here are some of the most novel slides. )
On 2005, the Queens Museum of Art held an exhibition by Sa\'dia Rehman to start discussing one of the most private acts and how immigrants and their children carry their customs.
Two years ago, the bathroom, visual arts and literature were combined in a gallery exhibition, which was received by writer J. D. Salinger.
Despite recent attempts to gain some glory in Los Angeles, New York City is still the capital of the World Museum. (
Although we appreciate the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, it takes into account the vertical challenges in its urinal design. )
But do we want to know how the bathrooms in our museum are stacked?
\"Overall, the fare in New York is very good . \"
Parrish said that he then began to tell about the bathroom he used or recorded, starting with the bathroom at the Whitney Museum of American Art.
\"The White House is pretty good,\" he said . \"
\"They were hidden.
Very basic.
They don\'t pay as much attention to aesthetics as the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum.
\"What about the Guggenheim?
\"This is an old museum.
It\'s a little less concentrated.
The focus of some facilities is a little small.
This is not the cleanest of all bathrooms.
\"In the boom, some of the toilets are clearly better than others: the new museum can say that it has the most beautiful, brave, colorful and fashionable toilets in this group.
They have bright textiles.
Floral patterns like orange and blue.
They and elevators are the only colorful parts of the museum\'s soft palette.
Or as the museum\'s own material describes: \"The Bisazza mosaic covers the wall with a strong, pixelated hanami cherry blossom pattern on it.
\"We can thank Jerome L for the gorgeous scene.
Stern is a retired venture capitalist.
The digital gift to the museum helped give the bathroom.
Four public bathrooms in the museum-
In the museum\'s $50 million capital event, the first thing to name --
Named Jerome L.
And Alan Stern\'s bathroom. As Mr.
Speaking about his gift at the opening ceremony, Stern said, \"I\'m 83 and I think it would be nice to see my name in a place where I\'ll spend a lot of time.
Comments are no longer accepted.
What about the designer airport chapel?
Of course, it should be mentioned that the well-designed new Dyson hand dryer, which is the 12-second solution for paper towels and our wet hand mess after using the old type of electric hand dryer, public bathroom.
See them in use at the Empire 25 theater on 42 th Street in New York.
I love the men\'s toilet at the National Portrait Gallery in London.
There is nothing special about art, but a convenient location in Leicester Square; -)
The design of the MOMA is a urinal, but it is also an old urinal cake.
For people with physical disabilities, New York and its bathrooms are mostly inaccessible.
Parking, restaurant and search for users-
The friendly bathroom was a huge challenge.
My 24-year-old son needed help to use the bathroom, so I almost gave up going into town for theater, concerts and museums.
University is needed in this city
Sex public bathroom accessible to persons with disabilities.
I was even afraid to drive to Long Island from New Jersey because there was no rest stop within a few miles.
Not a beautiful picture.
Photos of the MOMA toilet should include images of the sink.
Their diameter is so small that it is impossible to avoid splashing water everywhere when washing hands.
Now, MOMA hires someone who stands on the dresser every few minutes.
Looks pretty on the page, but the design is poor.
At least the new museum has something worth seeing . . . . . . I think senior philanthropist should consider sponsoring public bathrooms throughout the city.
They know how troublesome it is to find the bathroom when you need it and how good it is when it is clean.
Help the masses, eager to pee in a hygienic environment.
The truth is that the public toilets need careful staff to help them keep them clean and away from rubbish and madmen.
See the Wallace Collection, London\'s elegant restroom.
Each toilet is in a small room with a sink.
In the future, will the folk art museum show the famous marginal toilets that break through the traditional art paradigm? Incredible bathroom photos will only be found after the death of other regular owners.
KunstHaus Wein in Vienna is a museum dedicated to the works of visionary artist/architect/ecologist fridensike hendevaser, whose bathroom has colorful tiles, undulating surfaces, no straight line. It’s fun!
The list of art museum toilets that do not include John Michael Kohler Art Center toilets is complete.
Some people need to mention the \"singing exchange\" at the Denver Museum of Art \".
When you wash your hands, they will play the game of \"boating, Boating.
In fact, the MoMa Design is very poor and looks attractive.
The faucet is not aligned correctly with the basin, otherwise the sink is too small, causing the counter to always be flooded and often wet the clothes if standing near the sink.
They often have attendees to clean up all the spills on the counter.
This is a ridiculous design flaw.
Located near the Miho Museum in Kyoto, Japan, there is only Zen bath.
Exquisite tranquility. Worth a trip (
So is the entire museum. .
Please take a look at 21C in Louisville, Kentucky.
Glass is an experience!
Holographic images on the mirror
Very interesting.
I know some people who just went there to see the potty! Don’t art-
So, as a circle-of-luxury-to-
Go, I can\'t free it at such an exhibition and fight for the best --in-show.
It is clear that many of the men\'s toilets in the museum bathrooms, including the new moma I believe, require customers to grab the sticky door handle and screw out the room.
Oh, no, my friend.
In order to gain grace under pressure, I recommend using ancient, magnificent antique facilities in the 155 Street Hispanic society between Broadway and Riverside Avenue.
Unless they become victims of the ongoing renovation of the museum and go with their brothers to the pillars of old Penn Station on the wasteland of New Jersey-alas, I\'m no longer in town, can no longer help you confirm but in any case, visit-these porcelain masterpieces are also representative of the century heritage while the archaeology of the disappearance of this great city --
The old complex on the Audubon Terrace, as well as the quiet, solid ceramic dignity that the Hispanic collection has been pursuing. Go there.
When an art museum sponsored by a manufacturer of bathroom equipment creates a restroom, it must be seen.
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