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The young couple built 85 flat Nordic styles, and the small bedroom changed the personality of the study room too much.

by:KingKonree     2020-04-16

What if I don’t like the developer’s pattern when I buy a house?

Today's case not only adjusts the pattern, but also makes full use of the light to create a bright and transparent Nordic style.

First, the original plan given by the developer.

The original unit has the following problems:

1. The original sofa pattern is that there is no place to place the sofa;

2. The kitchen area is small and the space is closed;

3. The main bedroom space utilization rate is low;

4. The bathroom area is small;

The owner has optimized many details to make more efficient use of space. The small bedroom in the south opens to the study room, and the main bedroom door moves south, using the original aisle space.

living room

▲ The original space layout did not take into account the location of the TV. The owner fixed the TV to the wall so that the TV could be rotated left and right, either toward the sofa or toward the restaurant. Below the TV is a small rack cabinet for small items such as remote controls.

▲The living room and dining room are integrated and visually spacious. The orange-red fabric sofa is matched with light gray carpet and black wrought iron coffee table. The overall harmony is good and beautiful. After the living room coffee table is moved away, you can play a somatosensory game, or you can sit on the floor.

▲The space behind the sofa was originally a small bedroom. It was changed into a small study room, separated from the living room by a glass door, and the thin frame glass was moved to the door. Both of them could be moved. Next to the sofa is a blackboard, where you can post photos, write plans, write messages, etc. It can be said to be quite practical.


▲The main color of the kitchen is white, the sink is facing the window, and the blinds are installed to cover the sun. An automatic induction lamp is installed under the wall cabinet, so that it is not safe to turn on the light, it is safe and easy to use.

▲The kitchen door is equipped with a folding glass door. When opened, it is an open kitchen. It is used for maximum access and lighting.

▲ tableware, matching accessories, net red cutlery, small details of life is also quite grasped.


▲The basin is a custom-made artificial stone one-piece basin. The pull-type faucet is very convenient for washing and bathing. A bunch of dried stars are used to light up the whole space.

▲The sink and shower are completely separated, so that the dry and wet separation is completed.


▲The master bedroom should be entered from the study.

▲The decoration of the master bedroom is quite simple. The flat ceiling + technology ceiling, the log bed with the wooden bedside table, decorated with green tropical plant pattern bedding, the summer breath comes from the surface, there is a sense of walking through the rainforest.

▲The bed back is itself a high back, so there is no decorative painting on the bed, and the light gray bed wall is quiet and simple.


▲ One side of the study is a workbench and one side is an electric piano. The workbench uses a long partition as the workbench, and the wall has many racks to meet the storage needs. Underneath the workbench is a chest of drawers made up of 5 drawers. It is specially padded for easy mopping and sweeping robots.

▲ calendars, small speakers and other small objects that enhance the quality of life.

▲ Have you ever lost your face value? The piano is placed with flowers, wedding photos, decorative paintings, etc. The overall look is really beautiful.

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