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There are a number of designs available, from

by:KingKonree     2020-09-21

It functions as a towel rack that can simultaneously heat and thus dry your towels. This is extremely useful for making sure that your towels are constantly useable between washings. Wet towels can be prone to mold formation and growth. They can also generate an unfriendly smell, making towel rail warmers extremely useful.

Depending on the features involved, it can cost anything between seventy quid to over a hundred. There are a number of designer racks from reputable companies such as Alcala and Belinda. Each one comes with a distinct look that can make a bathroom more appealing.

When purchasing your own towel radiator, you'll want to keep a few things in mind. You should first decide on just how much heating power you really need. Each radiator is different and can produce a different amount of heat. The composition of your bathroom can determine how strong you'll need to be. Think about it. Will this radiator be the only source of heat in the bathroom? If so, you'll probably want a nice and strong one. If not, a low yield once will suffice since it will probably be only used for the towels hanging on it.

When purchasing radiators to hang towels on, people should also think about its total size. Given a communal bathroom, for example, there will be a lot of towels. Towels are a personal item and shouldn't be stacked. Given that, a communal shower would do well to install wide warmers to give each towel space. However, a personal shower used by only one person can do well with a narrow one. The same person uses all the items there anyway.

Frequency of use also factors into the purchasing process. Electric towel warmers are best for people who will be using them a lot. This is mostly for people who don't often wash their towels and instead elect to only keep the dry.

The design of the warmer doesn't actually change how well it performs, but it can really tie a room together. Just like everything else in the bathroom, it must match the theme of the bathroom. Some people would prefer for it to stand point, so they'll pick a design that intentionally clashes with the design of the bathroom to create an eclectic feel.

Other people may choose to let it blend, so they'll pick something that matches the colour or theme of the bathroom.

At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference and needs. Whichever model you end up purchasing should serve your purposes and make you happy whenever you see it and whenever you use it.

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