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There are many ways to find out what works and

by:KingKonree     2020-09-20

It's not to suggest that copying decor ideas or receiving general decorating tips is bad. No, studying how bathrooms can be decorated, isn't bad by any means, it's just that half the fun of decorating a bathroom is using individual concepts and relying on personal creativity. There's nothing wrong with looking for inspiration that often comes from doing online research, reading books and looking at different bathroom designs in decorating magazines. But remember nothing prevents a person from using their imagination and adapting their decorating plan to allow for changes and reinterpretations of the main decorating theme.

Planning a theme can help discover how to best decorate the space, this is particularly helpful for small bathrooms. Of course not every home has a small bathroom. Some homes have ample space with two or three bathrooms to decorate. It really doesn't matter what size the bathroom is, what matters most are the small things, adding a personal touch. But there are visual tricks that are useful for decorating a smaller bathroom, such as using wall sconces to create soft lighting and a behind the door mirror to reflect the light to make the space look larger.

One example of a bathroom decorating theme is an underwater paradise. For this aquatic theme all decor should have a connection to the sea, such as fish, shells for soap dishes and the soap. The variations for this theme would include, fun cartoon fish images for children and a beach oriented theme for adults with rough wood textures, neutral colors such as beige, taupe, tan and shades of brown.

Bathroom decorating can give an old bathroom a fresh new look without remodeling or changing the fixtures. Some people like bright colors for a fun, youthful looking bathroom, even if there aren't any small children in the home. While others people have a passion for a bathroom that feels like a serenity spa, the right decorating elements can make the bathroom feel like it was designed as a cozy retreat for couples. For a spa like feel, decor items should include lots of scented candles and plenty of shelf space for bath salts, bubble bath and lotions.

All bathrooms should be clean, clutter free zones, and this is more important than anything else. Keep in mind that when bathrooms are used by multiple people in the home, not every occupant needs to feel like they're in nirvana. So, sometimes the best bathroom decorating plan is to stick to the basics without a theme and just make sure that the space is stocked with practical items like reading materials, extra soap, hand sanitizers and storage space for towels and wash cloths.

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