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There are no small things to decorate! These 11 kinds of interior decoration materials must be carefully selected!

by:KingKonree     2020-04-24

Renovation is a very tedious thing, but if you have a little negligence, it will affect the normal life afterwards, so whether it is a big problem or a small accessory, you need to choose carefully! The following small series will introduce you 11 The choice of interior decoration materials makes your decoration easy and worry-free!

Interior decoration materials selection:

1. Cabinet hardware accessories are still very important, if you buy poor quality, you will lose money, you need to choose a better brand.

2. There are many kinds of cabinet materials in cabinets and wardrobes. If the funds are limited, you can choose solid wood particle board. Its formaldehyde content is very low, so it is very safe to use.

3. The countertop recommends that everyone choose quartz stone, not only the price is fair, but also the quality is guaranteed. Although the artificial stone is cheap, it is fragile and easy to bleed; the price of acrylic is high and the maintenance is difficult. It is not recommended to buy.

4. The balcony can choose a sink. The material is not recommended to be brick. It is easy to seep water. It is recommended to choose granite, which is more durable and beautiful.

5. The toilet must choose the kind of good quality, long use time, poor quality, it is easy to yellow, difficult to clean.

6. The faucet is best to choose copper, so the quality is very guaranteed and the service life will be longer.

7. The floor drain is best to choose copper and rectangular, so it will not rust easily, and it has a deodorizing function and drains quickly.

8. The sink should choose the under counter basin. It will be more convenient to clean. You can directly drain the water into the sink. The bathroom cabinet is best to choose the ceramic bathroom cabinet.

9. There are many kitchen things. The ceiling sink should choose the under counter basin. The door panel of the cabinet should not be equipped with clear glass. The door panel under the sink should not be hollowed out, so it is easy to accumulate dust.

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10. The material of the curtain must be chosen to be shaded, otherwise it will affect our rest.

11. The bathroom door is best equipped with aluminum alloy. Do not choose wood material, because wood is easy to seep.

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