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There are various types of gaskets available to

by:KingKonree     2020-07-01
Fel pro head gasket is mostly used for the same purpose to ensure best performance and good quality seals. There are different types of head gasket types; these are mainly consisting of three layers of steel. The layers of steel ensure the strength of the product. The two contact faces are generally coated with rubber like substances, for example, Viton that is compatible with the cylinder block and the cylinder head. Another type is made of solid copper; these are extremely durable and are used in heavy industry or where maximum compression is needed. It is made from solid sheet of copper to ensure the durability. Another type is composite; these are made from asbestos or graphite and have a high tendency to blowouts. However, due to asbestos these are rare because asbestos have serious health concerns and are not recommended to be used. Sometimes there are problems faced by different types of gaskets. Generally, over compression in the cylinder may cause a leak to form and then the gasket have to be replaced. The best choice would be to use the gasket set. The utilization of aluminum instead of iron cylinder heads make this issue more prominent, but aluminum heads are much better due to higher thermal expansion, which puts more pressure and stress on the gasket to last long. This problem is now almost solved by the engine makers adding Teflon to the surface of the head gasket. In some cases, the gasket fails to perform, and the problem arises from compression loss. The gases are being exposed to the cooling system, and it can cause the engine to overheat. This the most common reason for overheating of automobile or any other engine motors. This problem can be identified easily by looking into the engine oil. Most of the times, if there is any leakage the coolant will mix up with oil or other parts. If the coolant enters into the cylinders, it can cause steam that can damage the exhaust. However, it can be fixed by using the best high quality gasket that can tolerate compression and temperature. When the gasket head is damaged it can cause leaks between cylinders need to use the pressure gauge or leak down test to show the compression loss. It will help to save the engine and performance, you can replace the heads. If you are using the engine with blown head gasket, then it causes heavy damage from overheating and loss of oil from the engine. Sometimes, there is burning oil with blue exhaust smoke. However, you can fix this problem by replacing your kit.
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