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thermoforming. (what to see at npe 2003).

by:KingKonree     2019-12-16
Compared with many recent nuclear power plants, nuclear power plants will have fewer thermoforming machines in 2003.
Adverse business environments help some key suppliers decide to skip the event or avoid putting machines on the floor.
However, thermoforming in NPE still deserves attention.
An obvious theme is-
Platen system with higher output for input-
Line extrusion and thermoforming packaging.
In addition, there are new roll mills under the spotlight. -fed, thin-Instrument packaging.
List of Industrial Parts-
The Federal Reserve industrial system is relatively scarce at the fair, but ZMD International is proving that-
Mould decoration of injection parts is carried out with pre-formed inserts.
ZMD will operate a machine to make decorative decals for batteries. -phone housings.
In addition, Brown Machine will show a new single. -
Station Titan Forming Machine Designed for Entrance-
Horizontal market, as well as a new generation of PC/PLC control, for more complex machines.
Technologically advanced companies will show off a new 3 x 5 foot shuttle, 100 feet-T clamping force.
MAAC Machinery Company Plans to Show-down, cost-
Efficient Comet List-station unit. C. R.
Clark, USA. K.
It mainly provides prototypes, and will introduce a compact model. (24 x 24 in. )single-
Small Station Model-
Parts production.
Packing Improves the Speed of OMV-
The United States is exhibiting a pair of big ones. -
Template version in-
Linear extrusion/forming system.
New OMV F57 CST, 60 x 57 inches.
Platelets are the largest-
OMV\'s Kent Johansson claims that the circuit system of history-USA president.
Unit Table 7-
Oz APET or pillar cup for hip-
Adjust the pressure at 345,000 units per hour.
It also has an F57CMT version dedicated to polypropylene drinks and stadium cups.
42 x 38 inches. platen and in-
Mould trimming, 42 pieces-
60,000 ounces per hour.
Adolf Illig GmbH in Germany plans to introduce a new automatic roll. -
Fed Pressure Former.
RDK 80 operates at 35 cycles per minute using pressure or vacuum.
The forming area is 29. 9 x 22. 6 in.
The depth is 4. 7 in.
Integration of Iron and Steel-
Regular moulds to forming tools assist in trimming accuracy.
Charging units provide computers-aided set-
Up and with servo motors to ensure accurate setting of travel and speed.
Among other thin ones-
Instrument packaging exhibits will appear in NPE, Canada\'s GN Plastics Company plans to demonstrate what it calls \"dual\"-mold forming.
\"The patented system uses two dies to alternately swing back and forth between forming and parts. -
Remove the station and create a system to gain the productivity advantage of two moulds when only one trimming station is needed. The dual-
The model GN1914TM is 19 x 14 inches.
The forming area is very suitable for PP and PS parts.
Owen Research and Development demonstrated an upgrade to its Model 50 system, which is equipped with a vertical blank holder for foam plastics PS food disposables and a shape/blank holder. -in-
Align the system to the solid polypropylene cup.
Zed Industries will display 30 x 30 inches.
New SF Model(Servo-Form)line of servo-
Drive high pressure forming machine-
Output packaging.
This series adopts cam drive instead of pulling system to improve the smoothness of press disc movement.
Thermoforming Systems LLC will launch a volume-
The FED system uses a heavier framework design and can support 52 x 52 inches. mold, 9-
In, draw depth, and 100-
Form pressure.
It is reported that this low elasticity design can provide higher output and improved part definition.
The device integrates a matching heavy blank holder. -frame design.
DT Industries plans to announce a new generation of forms-trim-and-
Storage system for food containers and medical components.
The first second generation machine had 32 x 34 inches. forming area.
It includes Siemens Simatic FC670 controller and PLC, making all forming operations programmable.
The robot will automatically take out and stack the finished products directly from the flattener. A non-
Contact infrared scanner is installed on the device to monitor the temperature of plate.
Brown Machine launched a version of LRT200 LIP-
Customized roller for polypropylene cup.
Kiefel Technologies will form a hinged APET fruit tray in its interior. -line KMD75-BFSS system.
The list of exhibitors includes forming and finishing machinery, auxiliary equipment, components and control devices.
New developments have emerged in bold characters.
Accuform SRO 10748 booth(
Participation in International Computer Exhibition
Czech company is showing the latest T-
Simulated thermoforming simulation software and a new database of viscoelastic behavior of thermoforming materials.
Advanced Technological Enterprise Company
Exhibition stand 12816 shows the new shuttle-style, sheet-
Supplementary Press Forming Machine with Single or Double Operation-sheet tools. Unit has a 100-
T clamping force and 3 x 5 ft forming area.
Automated Visual Technology Exhibition 1 1307-
Line Vision System for Detecting Pinholes and Thin Points on Thermoforming Pallets.
Booth Brown Machine LLC 1409(
Exhibition with Brown Plastics Machinery LLC
Demonstration of new single-
Titan Forming Machine for Entry Station-
Horizontal market and LT2000 lip roll version for PP container.
Display new at the same time-
Used for high-requirement moulding machines and high-requirement moulding machines-
Precision dressing equipment.
Room 638 of Cannon Thermoforming System(
Show W/Cannon USA)
Information about the new forming system is introduced.
Twins will be emphasized-
Sheet thermoforming, including automobile fuel tank system. C. R. CLARKE & CO.
Exhibition stand 12637 single item supplies-
Station vacuum moulding machine is mainly used in prototype engineering, but 24 x 24 inches will be introduced.
The former aims to produce smaller industrial components.
CMT Material CompanyBooth 4422 (
Show W/Thermoforming Parts Supplier)
Display cellular gas-
Permeable aluminium-
Epoxy material for plug AIDS and tools.
Brigadier General Machinery Company
Booth 8443 provides PS foam thermo forming system and mold.
DT Conversion Technology Exhibition Pavilion 5549 Introduces the Second Generation Roller-fed, form-trim-and-
Thin laminated thermoforming machine-gauge parts.
Display systems include stacked robots and infrared non-robots-contact sheet-
Temperature monitor.
The German supplier of Elkom North America Exhibition 10535 will present the latest table design and preheating, cooling and vacuum equipment for thermoforming.
Provide vacuum forming equipment for vacuum forming. Corian solid-surface sheet.
Booth 1409, EPCO Machinery Co. , Ltd. (
Exhibition W/Brown Plastics Machinery LLC
Providing new emerging markets-
3. Reform control of thermoforming machine. It has a PC-
Base Operator Station and Hairdresser-
Coleman Maco DS architecture.
Formech Inc 881 Exhibition Platform, Introducing Enhanced Single Room-station, sheet-
Rapid Feed Forming System-set-up and turbo-cooling.
Gabler Maschinenbau GmbH 10466-fed, trim-in-place, servo-driven, plug-
Polyolefin packaging aided moulding equipment.
Geith Thermoforming USA Co. , Ltd 6165 German Booth-
New suppliers headquartered in North America will emphasize the new TT-In-One single-
Station Vacuum Forming Machine-
Line CNC trimming station. Also has fast-
Halogen heaters and handles up to 250 x 73 inches. G. N. PLASTICS CO. LTD.
British Booth 9533 Supplier-line, roll-
Federal Reserve Forming Equipment Program Shows New Double-
Polypropylene packaging machine.
Simultaneously display new cutting-in-
Placement system and integrated robot stacker can handle complex geometric containers.
Booth 5171 of Graphics International Group provides North American Industrial Molding Machine Distributors for Meiko, Italy.
Introduction of Adolf Illig Maschinenbau 9125-
Speed RDK 80 pressure moulder, running 35 cycles per minute.
The device combines the template/decoration tool with steel. -rule dies. It has 29. 9 x 22. 6 in.
Forming zone and 4. 7-in, draw depth.
It takes 30 minutes to change the knife.
Upgraded 50 ROIL on booth 9701 of Irvine R&D Center-
FED moulder, used for integrating vertical decoration station and automatic packaging of foamed polystyrene.
The flange rollers for pets and buttocks are also displayed.
Kiefel Technologies 1850 Show Servo-driven, in-line KMD75-
BFSS equipment runs APET tray.
KVH83 preheater for PP and PE is also shown.
MAAC Machinery Company
Payment for booth 4310-
Single effective line-and twin-
Station units and three-or four-
Station shift.
Displays new controls with advanced diagnostic capabilities. MEICO S. R.
L Exhibition Stand 9161 Shows New Servo System-driven, roll-
FED FCS 750E Form-cut-
Compression moulder.
The forming area is 29. 5 x 20. 9-in. MYUNG-Il Machinery Company
Vacuum cleaner provided at booth 9030 of Korea Company-trim-
Stacked packing machine, small area, high energy efficiency. OMV-USA INC.
Introduction of F57 CST to Exhibition No. 9510-
60 x 57 inch linear extrusion/forming system. platen (
The biggest one is in-line system)
When running for 7 hours, the capacity is 34500 units/hour. -
Oz Appet and Button Cup with a separate clipping news.
Another new version is the F57 CMT for 42 x 38 inch PP. platen and in-mold trim. It makes 42-
60,000 ounces per hour.
Rajoo Engineers Ltd.
The Indian company\'s booth 13313 will be on display in the United States for the first time. S.
Counterclaim, P. 6530-
Polypropylene packing line machine.
The device has preheater, ceramic heater and PLC controller.
It runs up to 39 cycles per minute. EDWARD D.
Booth 8335 Shigen(
Show w w w / alpha die)Div.
Tool Technology Group provides thermoforming tools and tool components.
A series of customized and standard tool components will be displayed, including quick change locks, pressure boxes and die holders.
See Meico SRL for TFT SRL.
Thermoforming Parts Supplier(TPS)
The introduction of booth 4422 is low-
Roller Electric Indexing Device-
Feed forming machine, using variables-Frequency drive.
At the same time, the dialing component, the clamping frame and the chain slideway are displayed.
Thermoforming Systems Co. , Ltd. Exhibition No. 5587 shows a tall one. -strength Low-
Flexible frame design is said to improve productivity and part definition.
Communication Packaging Co. , Ltd. LTD.
The booth 10629 provides vacuum moulding machines and tools.
At the same time, it also sells polypropylene and polystyrene board extruders and thermoforming auxiliary equipment.
Valley Packaging Co. , Ltd.
Shop 13513 is in short supply-
Brief introduction of Ikang moulder for packaging.
Provide cup and tray shaping machines and radiation-
Thermoforming machine operation, pets, and buttocks.
WM Packaging Machinery Company, see Meico srl.
Zede Industrial Co.
Exhibition stand 4726 shows the new SF(Servo-Form)roll-
The Federal Reserve is under pressure before a series of 30 x 30 inches. model.
The upper and lower pressure plates are allowed to move smoothly without pulling.
ZMD International Booth 4766, Operating Mould Interior Decoration(IMD)former, the V-
222DHCG, mobile phones and other shaped appearance parts of the running form decals.
Display HD at the same time-
300 4 x 4 ft single-station former.
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