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These Anwar bathroom products create a warm and comfortable home for parents

by:KingKonree     2021-08-11
These Anwar sanitary ware products create a warm and comfortable home for your parents. How long have you not been home since you are busy with work? Traveling away, do you miss the meals your parents cooked? Frequent contact with customers, how long have you not called your parents? On such a warm day, remember to give them a greeting, a thank you, a hug, and a good product to accompany you~ Today I will bring you two 'temperature' bathroom products for your convenience. To those of our dear ones, to show gratitude. I am grateful that my mother loves my mother as an 'ugly monster'. Since my mother has me, she has taken off her high heels and put away the lipstick and liquid foundation. She is not afraid of turning into a bucket waist, and she is not afraid of becoming an 'ugly monster'. In the eyes of children, she has irreplaceable It’s better to send the super hot smart toilet in the science and technology industry nowadays, let mom be trendy again~ I hope my mom will always be healthy and beautiful, and can easily enjoy a comfortable life! S21 smart toilet Anwar Sanitary Ware S21 smart toilet has functions such as smart washing, seat heating, warm air drying, etc. One of the features that mothers love is seat heating. The five-stage seat temperature can be adjusted by itself, and it will not be used in summer. It’s overheated, and it’s warm enough in winter. It’s a warm seat, so I don’t want to get up even when I sit down. In addition, Anhua Sanitary Ware S21 smart toilet adopts a one-button control design to be more humane, bringing more intimate care to mothers. I am grateful for my father’s love for N6F33Z21 shower room. He is the children's lifelong hero, but the hero is also afraid of the cold. He gave his father a N6F33Z21 shower room so that he can take a hot bath comfortably in winter! When winter comes, the quilt is a hard place to give up, but bathing and bathing makes people feel cold. This winter, is your father still worrying about the coldness raging during the shower? In fact, the bathroom can also keep warm. Choosing a good shower room is the first step. The shower room can divide the bathroom well, and there is an independent bathing space, which can also play a role in keeping warm. In addition to the warmth function, this Anhua bathroom N6F33Z21 shower room is also a high-value decoration in the bathroom. Anhua bathroom shower room uses 304 stainless steel as the main material. The stainless steel frame is equipped with smooth and simple elongated handles and rotating shafts, revealing a minimalist industrial style, both personality and fashion. Being so considerate, healthy and safe is undoubtedly a good gift for expressing one's heart this winter. When the body is warm, the heart will be warmer. Buy an Anwar bathroom product for your parents to express your gratitude, it is quite fruitful! (
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