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These special porcelain bathroom products can make your life more convenient

by:KingKonree     2021-08-22
These special porcelain sanitary ware products can make your life more smoothly. Just after the mangs, the day gets longer, the temperature rises sharply, and the summer heat strikes, does it immediately come to mind, a festival exclusive to summer? Yes! That's right! The xiǎo (xiǎo) afternoon (cháng) festival (jià) is coming, do you want to swing the sculls happily~~ At this time of each year, we commemorate the patriotic poet Qu Yuan with customs such as dragon boat racing and eating rice dumplings. When it comes to dragon boat racing, many people may have just watched it, and rarely have the opportunity to play in person. Now even the bathroom products at home can't stand it and want to take a leap. Speaking of this, I can't help but open my mind. If the sanitary wares in the family work together to form a 'small dragon boatLet's check them out together! Drummer-In the dragon boat of the bathroom cabinet, each role plays a pivotal role, and the drummer is the first to bear the brunt. The drummer is the leader of this dragon boat. It controls the coordination of all members, and no matter how many people are, they can easily hold it. The bathroom cabinet in the bathroom is the best actor in this role. It can arrange all the washing and cosmetics in an orderly manner, which can be described as a rush, steady and steady. TECI bathroom cabinet rowers-toilet rowers are the main force of this dragon boat. They determine whether the dragon boat can reach the finish line as quickly as possible and win the championship. Therefore, the toilet with strong momentum is the best rower. La, go ahead and win the championship easily! TECI smart toilet helmsman-the bathtub helmsman grasps the direction of the dragon boat, so it must have a broad vision and structure, a belly with connotation, and a boat. The broadest 'mind' in the bathroom is the bathtub. When people are confused, take a dip in the bathtub, close your eyes and think, so that you can see the distance and the direction of the road. TECI bathtub flag bearer——The shower flag bearer waved the dragon boat flag. What he waved was the ambition and ambition of the whole team. He stood tallest and saw the farthest. The only shower in the bathroom that could be comparable to him was the shower. In between, we will wash away the lead for users and regain their confidence! TECI showers, the bathroom dragon boat team, have you gathered in your home? If it hasn't, then hurry up to convene at the major specialty stores of Teci Sanitary Ware! (
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