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These two Fei Rui sanitary ware products will open your little 'apricot' luck in the bathroom

by:KingKonree     2021-08-12
These two Fei Rui sanitary ware products open the small 'apricot' space in the bathroom for you, containing a simple and elegant tone. When the warm sun shines in the room, everything is so soft, calm down and feel the space brought The comfort of your heart is placed here. The bathroom is an exclusive private small space. It is extremely important to choose the bathroom products that suit you. FRAE adheres to the 'people-oriented' concept, and each product is created for customers, and it is your preferred sanitary ware brand. Aisen series bathroom cabinets British style and elegant style 1000mm ultra-thin microcrystalline stone countertops, wear-resistant and non-absorbent; 1280℃ transcendent texture basin, self-cleaning glazed surface, smooth and delicate, uniform heating and cooling, not easy to yellow and not easy to crack; The closed drawer and the open storage space are combined to meet the placement needs of objects of different sizes; the use of 'English apricot' skin-feeling ecological board, no spray paint, safe and environmentally friendly, surface skin-feeling treatment, as delicate as baby skin, not easy to stain, easy to hit reason. XV Weijian series shower room is so simple and smooth as silk XV-12156 concealed anti-collision rubber strip, safe and stable; high permeability arc surface water retaining strip and 45° inclined bread frame stainless steel water retaining groove, exquisite workmanship, effectively preventing water droplets from flowing out, real Separate dry and wet; capable and smooth handles, the surface and the edge are perfectly blended, revealing the calm and meticulous under the powerful aura. The smart toilet NST-GB3 is extremely convenient and comfortable for life. The thin and light cover design brings people a comfortable visual experience; smooth lines, light appearance, pure and beautiful space pattern, continuing the visual beauty of slender edges; scientific and intimate pattern The configuration achieves the ultimate beauty with the classic convergent proportions, enjoys the comfort of the soul, optimizes the space, and opens up a new pure world. The seamless combination of various products balances the sense of harmony in the space. The apricot color gives the space a simple and elegant tone, which enhances the atmosphere of the space. Together with FRAE, you can start the little 'apricot' luck in the bathroom. (
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