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This is how we do an eco house in Essex! High-tech £1.6m home boasts cinema and hot tub with gold leaf tiles... but luxury property uses solar power and recycles rain

by:KingKonree     2020-03-09
If an environmental protection
Friendly Property reminiscent of bare wooden beams, solar panels and rustic minimalistic images, a new \"eco-house\" sold in Essex could bring some surprising features
This Chigwell Row hotel proves that being green doesn\'t mean giving up flashy, it has a hot
The bathtub is paved with gold leaf tiles, the kitchen is lit like a futuristic spaceship, and the home theater with Swarovski --
The inlaid ceiling is as bright as the night sky, and there is a garage made entirely of glass (
Best view for Bentley).
Behind the gorgeous facade, the mansion is now available for £ 1.
6 million, is also Ecological
Friendly features.
Scroll down videoIt featured argon
An energy-efficient soil source heat pump that uses brown water recovery, rainwater collection, solar power generation, and heat recovery from soil sources. The five-
A bedroom home developed by Weston home, backed by heno Forest Country Park, sits in a terrace landscaped garden.
Near its own road, it is located behind a high automatic door and also has its own private woodland walk leading to a 336 acre country park.
Built in the shape of \"l\", this 3,900-square-foot house boasts an incredible folding glass wall leading to a 700-square-foot entertainment terrace.
The eco house also has a parking lot for five large vehicles and a separate double garage with glass walls.
On the ground floor, there is also a private cinema, gym, sauna and glass bathroom.
Wine display shop with walls
The house is designed as a fusion of entertainment spaces inside and outside, with folded glass walls and windows leading to an outside entertainment terrace.
The brick outside
The BBQ kitchen is built with hot and cold water, gas, electricity, storage room and bar.
Additional luxury features include a Plaid ceiling with lighting, polished plaster walls, white Italian marble floors, under-floor heating, plasma TVs in all major roomsand bathrooms.
The eye-catching entrance hall features a polished plaster wall and a cantilever staircase that appears to float behind the glass wall.
From the entrance hall, you can see a special glass wall, you can enter a double-sided ground floor lounge, and you can see the folding glass wall on the large terrace.
Away from earth tones and natural materials usually associated with ecology
The cooking area offers a friendly kitchen with polished black granite floors, central island, high gloss design unit, black granite countertops and high
End of Miele appliances.
Although it is considered an environment sustainable family, there is no shortage of electrical appliances.
There are two ovens in the kitchen, one combined microwave, steam oven, heating drawer, American refrigerator-
Refrigerator, glass front wine cabinet, coffee maker, chilled water and ice crusher, dishwasher, boiling water faucet and shower-hose style tap.
The kitchen leads to the single-storey flank, with a center of 12-
Seating restaurant with curved vaulted ceiling and folded glass wall leading to the terrace on one side.
The flanks also include guest cloakrooms with black granite floors, mosaic walls with geometric patterns of black and gold effect tiles, and characteristic basins with waterfall taps, the Sunday Times voted \"Britain\'s sexiest bathroom \".
There is a spacious cinema on the ground floor with a glass roof that allows natural light to enter the living space.
The rooms have walnut floors and skirting, Swarovski LED crystals on the ceiling, lights on the walls, polished plaster, wallpaper and walnut cabinets.
60 inch cinema in walnut closet-
Style plasma screens, beverage cabinets and pull-down double beds make this large room The fifth bedroom ideal for visitors or teenagers who want their own \"private entertainment equipment.
On one side of the cinema room is a glass wall wine display and storage facility with a custom stainless steel wine display stand capable of accommodating separate temperature control areas for up to 80 bottles of different wines, champagne and spirits of choice.
Next door to the cinema is a stadium with copper mirrors and polished walls, a wood-lined Nordic sauna and a utility room.
Large master bedroom suite on the ground floor.
Along the side of the bedroom, there are folded glass walls from one floor to the ceiling that lead to a sunken terrace.
There is a built-in wardrobe in the bedroom, there is a walk-
The dressing room is equipped with custom shelves, cabinets and drawers.
There is an open spa outside the bedroom-
Quality bathroom with white Italian marble floor.
Backlit agate and mirror
Glass shelf against wall
Hanging double marble basin with walnut inlay, waterfall faucet and unit lighting.
On one side is a sunken Jacuzzi hot tub, wall mounted TV, handmade lava and gold leaf tiles;
The other side of the bathroom is a walk-in glass-
The wall triple shower with rainforest shower and lava and gold leaves comes with tiles.
The bedroom suite also features a separate toilet, bidet and sink.
There are three bedrooms on the first floor of the house, each with built-in
In a mirror wardrobe with LED strip lighting, it comes with a custom walnut shelf, slide-out cabinet and shoe rack.
The main guest room has a luxurious ensuite bathroom with custom featured tiles, LED lights that show the temperature of the water and walls
The embedded plasma TV also has a family shower room with mosaic tiles.
Once the royal hunting ground of King Henry VIII, Hainault Forest provides the house with a perfect \"back garden\" for long walks, jogging, cycling and horseback riding, the name of the woodland that inspired the property.
A spokesman for Weston home said: \"The architect directly supports country parks --
The designed executive villa is custom designed and offers spectacular entertainment space and family accommodations.
\"This is unique for local properties, where luxury and ecology are combined
For safety reasons, the stylish certificate has a discreet and private location behind the existing family home near Lambourne Road.
\"Locally known for celebrities and City broker residents, this House is ideal for a high net worth or high profile person who wants family safety and privacy. \'
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