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Though a drain that leaks in a bathtub is not

by:KingKonree     2020-07-10
The first and most important thing to do is to plug the bathtub and run some water. This is to help you see where the water is leaking from. The next thing is to take off the bathtub panel and find the pipe that leads to the draining hole. When this is done, it is important that you ensure that there is enough light to work with under the bathtub. It is also important to have someone else assist you so as to have the light aimed at the pipe. It is also important to lay some newspapers under the area you are looking for leak traces because they can help you track easily. Where leaks are located in most cases Leaks are in most cases located in areas that have a joint of some kind. The sealing to these joints tends to fail after sometime and may need to be resealed. Once the leaking joint is located, it should be reinforced using plumber's putty. If it is the connector or the shoe that is leaking, you will need to have a special tool to first remove it after which you can then use plumber's putty to reinforce or replace it altogether. Having done that, it is important to retest the same joint for any signs of leakage. Important tip Always carry with you enough gaskets. This is because in many instances, old gaskets start leaking and they need to be replaced with new ones to continue functioning properly. The new gaskets are replaced using plumber's putty as well. Checking all the joints one by one All joints should be wiped dry and each of them tested to see where leakage is occurring. They should be tested by first of all being plugged out and water let to flood through them. While the water is running through, a piece of kitchen cloth should be held around the joint. If it comes out with water, then it's that joint that may be the problem. Checking the waste trap The waste trap should also be checked in the same way as the pipes. If it is leaking, it is much easier to replace the trap instead of repairing it. However, it is important to ensure that the waste trap replaced is the same one as the one being used. Once all repairs are done, it is important to run one final check and see whether there will be any leakage. Once every test is done and there are no leakages, the panel should be placed back on the bath. However, it is important to ensure that the panel is placed back only when the place is completely dry because dampness causes mildew and in some instances also, electricity shock. Once everything is fixed, the bathroom is in order and you can continue using it without having to worry about anything.
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