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Three things to look at when buying bathroom accessories

by:KingKonree     2021-05-19

A look at the matching

It must match the three-dimensional style of the three-piece bathroom set (bathtub, toilet, basin) that you configure, and match the shape of the faucet and its surface coating.

Second look at the material

Bathroom accessories include both copper-plated plastic products and copper-polished copper products, and more are chrome-plated products, among which titanium alloy products* *High-end products, followed by copper-chromium products, stainless steel chromium-plated products, aluminum alloy chromium-plated products, iron chromium-plated products and even plastic products. Pay attention to identification when purchasing.

Three look at the plating

Except for a few plastic plating, most of the surface plating of the frame of bathroom accessories is treated with polished copper, and more is treated with chrome plating. Among chrome-plated products, the plating layer of ordinary products is 20 microns thick. After a long time, the material inside is easily oxidized by air, while the exquisite copper chrome plating layer is 28 microns thick. Its structure is compact, the plating layer is uniform, and the use effect is good.

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