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through the looking glass : the temptation to snoop in ...

by:KingKonree     2020-03-03
The party started more than an hour ago.
Now, your host\'s house is filled with interesting characters to chat in a soft music background.
Here you are. . .
In the bathroom. . .
Slowly open the small mirror door above the washbasin. . .
Flush the toilet quickly with your free hand to silence any hint sound.
You hold your breath and are afraid that a bottle or two will hit the sink.
But the door is open, just a click.
Yes, you said to yourself in the inventory, you are a low
Life, a hopeless drug cabinet to spy.
Why are generally decent people-
Who wouldn\'t lie, cheat or steal-
Is it entirely OK to find something like a DEA agent from your medicine cabinet with a search warrant?
We went to the experts to find out what happened.
* For some of us, \"there is some pleasure in breaking any kind of rule,\" said Los Angeles psychologist Gary Emory, who \"occasionally\" looked at other people\'s medicine boxes
Peeping, he says, is a quality of peeping.
\"It could also be a backward way of trying to get to know someone better ---
It\'s a task of finding personal details, he said.
\"The medicine cabinet is where you find secrets . \"
Troy Thompson, head of psychiatry at Jefferson Medical School and Hospital in Philadelphia.
\"People are naturally curious. They like to know other people\'s things.
Hollywood has solved the thorny problem.
In 1991 film The father of the bride, Steve Martin passed his future medical cabinetlaws.
Recently, Ann
Margaret sneaked a look at neighbor Jack Lemmon\'s medicine cabinet in \"grumpy old man.
\"The medicine cabinet is a treasure,\" Thompson said . \"
\"Look, you can find out if someone has a disease, if there is a medical condition that needs treatment, their contraceptive methods and how futile they are.
Jenny Curran, a sociologist at California State University\'s Dominguez Mountain, cited another motive for prying.
\"Now, people have serious problems with trust,\" she said . \".
\"The medicine cabinet is filled with items. We have a strange belief in objective reality.
\"Its content can verify the information.
He said, for example, that he was interested in preventing health;
You found his vitamin supply.
She said she could not have lunch with you because she had an eye doctor appointment;
Her cabinet is stocked with contact lens cleaning solutions.
The internal structure of the medicine cabinet also reveals one or two things about loyalty.
Let\'s say she loves you, you\'re alone, but when you open the medicine cabinet you\'ll find a razor that\'s definitely not your razor or your shaved flower.
Or he says you\'re the only one for him, but when you walk into the medicine cabinet and get your Chanel number back
5, you notice that there is a bottle of Jean Nate on the shelf below, with two toothbrushes next to it ---
He\'s not yours.
Why is the medicine cabinet attractive?
After all, the story is not about flipping through the glove compartment or sock drawer.
In the face of reality, the bathroom is the fertile ground to spy.
Others can\'t see you walking around, you can spend as much time as you need, you are usually uninterrupted, when you are moving at full speed in your search, running water from various sources is a natural silencer. and-
Discover mission.
Of course, as Kelan knows, some peeps are smart, pure and simple.
For a while, she had a plastic Venus de Milo statue made of lipstick in the bathtub, and the curtains were pulled.
When she has guests, she pays attention to their expressions when they leave her bathroom.
\"I can always tell from the look on their faces who opened the curtain,\" she said.
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