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Tile maintenance secret sharing, enjoy the comfortable bathroom

by:KingKonree     2021-05-10

The petty bourgeoisie bathroom space, the white and dark-flowered tiles are low-key and restrained, and the large-area paving on the wall does not feel ostentatious. The same series of square tiles with silver flowers on a white background are used in the washing area and the side of the bathtub. The floor tiles are white square tiles with smaller specifications, with uniform style and coordinated collocation. As white tiles are used on a large area, the bathroom furniture is in bold red, the color is jumping, and the embellishment is just right. A set of trapezoidal bathroom cabinets, trapezoidal mirrors, and angular geometric lines give the entire space a touch of postmodernism.

Small knowledge 1: Separate dry and wet spaces with tiles

The purpose of separating dry and wet areas is to make the bathroom independent according to different functions. Using tiles of different colors to decorate the wall or floor, creating a clear separation between the dry area and the wet area, is a good way to make the bathroom look refreshing and have a sense of design. According to the size, structure, daylighting and actual needs of your own bathroom, choose the matching tiles. .

Tips 2: Contrasting color tiles to separate the bathing area

It is definitely a good way to decorate the bathroom with the contrast of the cold and warm colors of the tiles. The reflection of light by the blue tiles seems to make people feel like being in the ocean, and the effect when used in the dry area is cold and cold. The orange tiles exude warmth and softness, which balances the color of the bathroom. The whole color environment makes the human body in the bath a touch of warmth and comfort.

Tips 3: Eye-catching design and clever collocation

The variety of tile collage methods makes the bathroom also present a variety of changes, the use of colors, the variety of shapes, and the decorative lines The meticulous design gives the bathroom a new feel.

Tips 4: Tile 'Mix and Match' Splicing Method

In the same space, you can use three to five kinds of tiles of the same color to match. The main point is very simple, that is If the lower wall uses a large block of monochromatic tiles, the upper wall can be more active, or use two-color tiles to spread apart, or replace with small-size tiles of the same color; you can also have a larger area on one side. Use large-size tiles on a large wall, and use small-size tiles on the opposite or adjacent wall, which looks rich in variety.

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