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Tips for buying bedroom dressing table

by:KingKonree     2021-04-30

In the arrangement of bedroom furniture, the mirror cannot be opposed to the door in the traditional Chinese custom. The most common thing in a girl’s bedroom is the mirror on the dressing table. Therefore, the bedroom dressing table cannot be placed opposite the door. Because the traditional Chinese Fengshui theory explains that the door is the air outlet of the bedroom aura. With the direct evil, when the bedroom dressing table is placed opposite to the door, it is easy to cause the two to face each other, which is very unhealthy for the occupants' body and mind. Sometimes when I go home and enter the bedroom at night, occasionally I am easily frightened by my reflection in the mirror. So this bedroom dresser should not be placed opposite the door.

   Bedroom dressing table buying skills:

  1, bedroom dressing table style

   When buying furniture in a furniture store, The first is to look at the style of furniture, and the bedroom dressing table is no exception. Everyone has their own different aesthetic perspectives, so as long as you choose the appearance you like, it is best to choose the appearance of the bedroom dressing table with paint, so that it is easy to clean up, and the cosmetics will not penetrate into the dressing table. The appearance of the dressing table. At the same time, you can also choose the style of the bedroom dresser according to the overall style of the room.

  2, the mirror of the bedroom dressing table

   The mirror of the bedroom dressing table is also extremely important. In the choice of mirror, first of all, it must be clean and bright. Touch it with your hand, is it very smooth? If it is not smooth, it will affect our mirror effect. One more thing, the mirror of the bedroom dressing table must be a folding design, so that when you look in the mirror, you can see all angles of your face, and you can clearly see where there is a problem with your makeup.

  3. The quality of the bedroom dressing table

   When the style of the bedroom dressing table and mirror are selected, it is time to check the quality of the dressing table. Most of the bedroom dressers are made of man-made plates. We should check the quality certificate when selecting the plates. Look at the formaldehyde content and quality instructions of the plates. It is best to get close to the bedroom dressers and smell them to see if there is a pungent odor. It is best not to buy, so as not to cause harm to our health.

  4. The size of the bedroom dresser

   The size of the bedroom dresser is particularly important. First of all, we should measure the space size of the bedroom at home, so as not to buy the bedroom dresser size is inappropriate, and have to exchange it, which is very troublesome. The countertop size of the bedroom dressing table is best 400*1000, so that it is easy to put cosmetics. If the size of the dressing table is too small, the cosmetics cannot be placed, it will be more troublesome. The height of the bedroom dresser should generally be between 70-75 cm, which is more suitable for owners of ordinary height.

   I hope that through the introduction of the article, I can help the owners who are about to renovate and make the new home decoration exquisite and warm. I wish everyone a happy life.

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