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Tips for Cleaning and Maintenance of Jacuzzi in Summer (Picture)

by:KingKonree     2021-05-17

Massage bathtub is usually considered as a kind of sanitary equipment, mainly composed of two parts, the cylinder and the massage system. The cylinder part is nothing more than a bathtub of various shapes, and the material is mostly steel or acrylic; while the massage system is composed of a visible nozzle in the tank and a pipe, a motor, and a control box hidden behind the bathtub. This massage system is the key to buying a jacuzzi, and it is also the part that most people know little about jacuzzi.

Cleaning the massage bathtub

1. The daily cleaning of the massage bathtub can be cleaned with general liquid detergent and soft cloth, but not with ketone or chlorine-containing water. When disinfecting, disinfectants containing formic acid and formaldehyde are prohibited.

2. It is recommended to use granular cleaners that can be mixed with water to clean the massage bathtub, and avoid using cleaners for tiles or enamel surfaces.

3. Do not place the container of liquid detergent on the surface of the bathtub for a long time, and do not use sprays or concentrates or other similar cleaning products.

4. Please do not let nail polish, nail polish remover water, dry liquid cleaner, acetone, paint remover or other solvents come into contact with the acrylic surface.

5. The corrosive cleaning agent will cause damage if it stays on the acrylic surface. Be careful to clean the acrylic surface thoroughly after each use, and do not let the cleaning agent enter the circulation system.

Maintenance of the massage bathtub

1. If there are scratches on the surface of the bathtub, just polish it with 2000# water scrubbing paper, and then apply toothpaste. Polished with a soft cloth can be as smooth as new.

2. The scale on the surface of the bathtub can be wiped with a soft cloth after warming it with a mildly acidic detergent, such as lemon juice and vinegar.

3, the hydraulic friction device cleans 40 degrees Celsius hot water fill the bathtub, add detergent per liter of 2 grams, start the hydromassage for about 5 minutes, stop the pump to drain, then fill up with cold water, start the hydromassage for about 5 minutes After 3 minutes, stop the pump to drain and clean the bathtub.

4. The surface of the cylinder body is dirty and can be wiped with a wet towel. This process can be repeated three times, and it will be as clean as new.

5. Do not use rough surfaces and utensils that contain chemical solvents or particles to clean the surface of the cylinder.

6. Do not use hard objects or blades to hit and scratch the surface of the bathtub, and at the same time, do not allow cigarette butts or heat sources higher than 70 shots to touch the surface of the bathtub.

7. After using the bathtub, drain the water and disconnect the power supply.

8. If the water return device and nozzle are blocked by hair and other sundries, they can be unscrewed and cleaned.

9. Gold-plated and chrome-plated parts do not need to be wiped frequently.

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