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To some people, choosing the accessories for their

by:KingKonree     2020-09-03

Others, however, think it is just another source of stress. There are, however, ways of making the task easier.

Collect ideas for designer kitchens

It could take you anything from a few weeks to years to plan your kitchen - depending on your persona.

However, there is one thing most people have in common, and that ideas for designer kitchens change as they look round.

If you are fairly certain what you want, it is a good idea to spend some time researching what's available.

You may be surprised how much you change your opinion. The Internet and glossy magazines, and designer kitchen showrooms are the best mediums to search through.

Check out real kitchens as well as display kitchens to see how they work in context. It's the real kitchens that will help give you ideas for overcoming problems, such as designing for small spaces.

By creating an ideas file, you can put samples of worktop designs, handles and blind fabric in one place.

By seeing the patterns together in one file, you will find it easier to spot the most appropriate matches.

Worktops in designer kitchens

The most difficult decision, however, is the worktop. Although technically worktops aren't accessories, they play an integral part in the overall look of your new kitchen.

Go back to your ideas file again and see what sort of worktop you were initially attracted to.Your ideas may have changed after choosing other accessories. Plain black and white worktops are ineffective because you will spend longer dusting and polishing to keep their look.Something in conjunction with the floor is appropriate.

Handles for designer kitchens

After your worktop, the next most important accessories for designer kitchens are handles.Handles have a huge influence on the overall look.Choosing plain, steel, car handles - either small or smooth - will result in a modern look. By contrast, fitting timber knobs, or an ornate antiqued pewter handle will result in a traditional look.

Modern and traditional designer kitchens

If you continue with a traditional look, turned corners on the base units and a profiled cornice at the top of tall units will also add to will create a classic look.

Modern kitchens, however, should incorporate plain, slim, or curved posts, or just end panels, with a similar plain cornice or plain trim above the wall units.

If you are going to include blinds/curtains then it is a good idea to choose the fabric for those to begin with.

Tiled splash backs can look traditional, especially in matt neutral colours and textured finishes.

Upstands and splashbacks are available in worktop materials to give the kitchen a sleek look.Glass upstands are available to give your kitchen an extremely distinctive look.

To give your kitchen a personal feel, a few pictures and coloured accessories are essential. A picture or two will make the overall look incredible. As well as pictures for the walls, you will need to mix and match colours from your ideas file - tea towels, pots and pans, storage jars etc.

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