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Today I spent a precious hour, in the chair at

by:KingKonree     2020-09-27

-buying a big ticket item

-buying something that is going to be with me for many years

-buying something that reflects who I am

-buying something that will be hard to replace

Renovating a bathroom is one of those things that will include all of the above, so it's one of the things I am willing to research. So show me the trends! The bathroom spa, so popular in the last decade, is on the decline. What is on the rise includes luxury that looks large, but takes up little space. What says luxury more than a bathroom TV? The world is your oyster with a click of a button! But how to know which waterproof TV is right for you?

In general, the plasma TV was the leader of the pack: they were bigger and had a better picture quality. So a few years ago, the waterproof plasma TV would have been the best choice. But now the LCD has caught up to match it, so a bathroom LCD could be right for you (this is a competition driven by the market, so shop around with your local waterproof TV suppliers for any deals on bathroom LCD TV sets.)

As for the waterproof LED TV, now we're talking about a trend on the upswing! This cutting edge technology is a thing of tiny and precise beauty. Techno geeks predict that one day the LED TV will be as thin as the credit card you buy it with. Most bathroom TV suppliers today seem to concur with the techno-geeks in finding that the best middle ground right now, and in the immediate future, is to install a waterproof LCD TV. Yes, it must be a waterproof LCD - even if it is not right beside the shower, sink or tub.

Space saving is the one of the key considerations with renovations these days, especially when it comes to the bathroom (visit a few condo open houses and you'll see what I mean!) The adage of getting 'more for less' certainly holds true in today's tough economy more than ever. The bathroom mirror TV does this beautifully: combining form and function in a unique, efficient and space-saving way. My bathroom TV LCD does double duty - a mirror for my vanity (and make-up applications!) and a TV for my spirit.

My LCD TV for bathroom use may not be able to massage my back, but it can massage my mind. The LCD in bathroom trend is escalating: if you are considering a lavatory upgrade you may want to consider what waterproof TV Australia has to offer: a sassy little LCD TV in bathroom.

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