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Today, laminate Flooring is becoming a highly

by:KingKonree     2020-08-16

If you are thinking your bathroom with laminate flooring, then it is not so good because it isn't a common option for bathrooms due to the fact that water can cause it to buckle. Well installed laminate floors can prevent such types of problems. There is no extra requirement to lay, laminate floors. They are easily and directly lay over the top of your existing bathroom floor.


1:- First of all you need to purchase waterproof laminate flooring from market for your bathroom. You can easily buy such type of floors for bathroom manually from a home improvement store or online too. This is necessary for laying laminate flooring in a bathroom.

2:- Before the appropriate installation you need to make sure about that space of 1/4 inch from the walls on all sides to allow them to expand. Lay the planks side by side are the proper way to install.

3:- Sometimes, some people eliminate the toilet and any cabinets or sinks due to the installation of laminate flooring. You can cut easily planks according to your requirements or cut planks to fit around them. First of all determine which planks you need to cut and cut the laminate planks with a saw.

4:- It is necessary to install a rubber flooring underlay. The installation process of every underlay is different mean they all are installed differently. There will be installation instructions on the underlay packaging. The installation instruction documents are comes with the package. You need to follow written instruction when installing any or rubber flooring underlay.

5:- Install the laminate flooring planks and keep them 1/4 inch away from the walls. Insert a layer of wood glue between each set of planks. If any layer of glue will squeeze out of the top, then immediately wipe with a wet cloth. The glue will keep humidity from getting down into the planks.

6:- At the last you need to caulk around the outside edges of the flooring and fills the 1/4 inch of space you left before. Most damage to laminate flooring comes from water.

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