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Translucent solid surface counters for W Hotel in Dubai

Project: KKR's Translucent Solid Surface Counters In Dubai W Hotel 

Project Description: 

Customer: Dubai W Hotel 

Product: Translucent Solid Surface Counters

Quantity: By bulk

Material:This kind of translucent solid surface sheet is consisted of aluminum powder and resins, strictly handpicked prior to official bulk production, which guarantees perfect joint.

With better transmittance, the light could be uniformly illuminated through the surface and well presented at thickness thereabout 6mm to 12mm. When it comes to circular lampstands, the minimum diameter KKR can provide with is around 250mm.

Craftmanship: Applying international advanced technology in manufacturing, not only is it convenient to clean but also anti abrasion or scratch. 

Application: Applicable to kitchen, bathroom etc.

Feature: Color in translucent, smooth to touch, easy to clean, durable enough against abrasion and scratch, seamless joint etc.

Customer's Feedback: KKR has placed emphasis to customer's satisfaction at all times. KKR receives feedback from Dubai W Hotel. KKR's customers in charge of this project think highly of KKR's counters which light the whole room and generate in bright visual effect to  W Hotel 's customers.

KingKonree International China Surface Industrial Co.,Ltd is adroit at producing and supplying a variety of solid surface counters, taking all into consideration, KKR always brings its ability to the full play and meets all kinds of customers' demands; 

Welcome to meet with KKR for your counters. KKR has established its own facility and gathered a school of prefessionals with exquisite workmanship, KKR is capable of providing you with most competive price and quality.