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Solid Surface Bathtub KKR-B008
Hot Selling Artificial Stone Solid Surface Freestanding Soaking Bathtub  KKR-B003
Small size acrylic solid surface resin stone wall mounted wash basin with towel hanger KKR-1105-A
Artificial Marble Texture Pattern Solid Surface Sheets KKR - M8810
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KKR's translucent solid surface sheet is made of strictly chosen high-grade aluminum powder and other resins. Combing the characteristics of all materials, the product enjoys perfect transmittance, allowing the light to be uniformly illuminated through the surface. The translucent solid surface could be fabricated into many artistic design by CNC machining technology.

The product, made of preferable architectural and decorative materials, features high strength, flame resistance, and corrosion resistance, allowing it to be widely used in all kinds of places such as high-end hotels, KTV, baths, cafes, and bathrooms. With a solid surface made of PMMA, UPR, aluminum hydroxide powder, and so on, the product has the advantages of anti-oil, anti-aging, and anti-pollution. Besides, the product has a low water absorption rate which is only 0.03%. Compared with the natural marble, it is lightweight and can be bent according to customers' needs. It features good gloss and can maintain a perfect finish even after a long time. As for its design, it is manufactured to be of clear texture and elegant marble-like patterns, which adds more luxury to the applied places.

KKR can offer translucent solid surface sheet with various thickness. Made of eco-friendly materials, the product is also widely applied to environmentally friendly investment projects.

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