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Types and advantages of artificial marble countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-05-03

Marble countertops that can be seen on the market are generally divided into two types: natural marble countertops and artificial marble countertops. In comparison, natural marble countertops are easier to understand, so what are artificial marble countertops?

Introduction of artificial marble

Artificial marble countertops, as the name suggests, are made of artificial stone, made of natural marble Or granite crushed stone is used as filler, cement, gypsum and unsaturated polyester resin are used as adhesives, which are made after stirring, forming, grinding and polishing.

Artificial marble countertops are processed by imitating the surface texture of marble. They have the mechanism characteristics similar to marble, and the patterns can be determined by the designer themselves, with good reproducibility, and the artificial marble countertops are light in weight, Corrosion resistance, high strength, and pollution resistance, it is an ideal material for home decoration at present.

People mistakenly think that artificial marble has radiation, and there will inevitably be many concerns when buying cabinets. In fact, the radioactivity of artificial marble is very low and basically does not cause harm to the human body. Under normal circumstances, natural marble with a darker color will have a higher radiation.

Types of artificial marble

Cement artificial marble: This artificial marble uses various cements as binders , Sand is fine aggregate, broken marble, granite, industrial waste residue, etc. are coarse aggregates, which are made by batching, mixing, molding, pressure steaming, polishing, and polishing, commonly known as terrazzo.

Sintered artificial marble: This kind of artificial marble is made by mixing feldspar, quartz, pyroxene, calcite powder, hematite powder and a small amount of kaolin, etc., using a slurry method to prepare blanks, using a semi-dry pressing method It is formed by sintering at a high temperature of about 1000℃ on the top of the kiln.

Composite artificial marble: This artificial marble is composed of inorganic materials and organic polymer materials. After the filler is bonded and molded with inorganic materials, the green body is then immersed in organic monomer to polymerize it under a certain prerequisite. For the board, the bottom layer is made of inexpensive and functional inorganic materials, and the surface layer is made of polyester and marble powder.

Polyester artificial marble: This kind of artificial marble uses unsaturated polyester as a binder, stirs and mixes with quartz sand, marble, calcite powder, etc., and is cast into a shape, and solidifies under the action of a curing agent. Function, made by demoulding, drying, polishing and other processes.

Advantages of artificial marble

1. Easy to clean: dirt can be cleaned with soap or detergent.

2. Anti-fouling: The possibility of being penetrated by liquid is less, and stubborn stains can be removed, such as ink or soy sauce.

3. Impact resistance: Compared with general stone or polymer, it has stronger resistance to cracking, and small scratches and cuts can be removed with sandpaper.

4. Heat resistance: It is more heat resistant than general surface materials, but we suggest not to put heat-generating utensils directly on the surface, please use heat insulation pads.

5. Flame retardancy: It is a flame retardant material.

6. Food standards: It is possible to make regular contact with food.

7. Hygiene: On the surface without pores, mold bacteria and other microorganisms cannot survive.

8. Repairability: Severe damage can be repaired by sanding so that it can be used for a long time,

9. Non-toxic: no gas is emitted at room temperature.

10. Strong plasticity: There are almost no design restrictions, unlimited creativity and unlimited performance.

Cabinets are an indispensable part of home life, and the style and quality of cabinets has a decisive influence on life. For cabinets, the most important thing is the choice of cabinet countertop materials. Artificial marble countertops are the best choice for many home cabinet countertops.

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