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Types of washbasin countertops. Which washbasin is better to choose from above counter basin or under counter basin_furniture purchase_school

by:KingKonree     2021-07-04

To decorate the bathroom, the wash basin is an indispensable design. The design of the countertop will directly affect the viewing. So, what are the types of washbasin countertops? Is it better to choose an over-counter basin or an under-counter basin for the washbasin? Below, the editor will come to recommend the types of washbasin countertops.

1. Types of wash basin countertops

1. Granite countertops

The granite material is very hard and the price is affordable; in terms of color, Mainly snow white, malachite green, and five lotus flowers; but the overall decorative effect is very poor,

2, marble countertops

Marble material is the most widely used material, texture It is soft and easy to crack, and the price is slightly higher. In terms of color, the main flowers are green and white. The overall decoration effect is good.

3. Artificial stone countertops

Artificial stone, a new type of composite material, can imitate the texture and texture of various natural stones according to preferences. The most critical point is that it is green and environmentally friendly and pollution-free; the stone is hard and compact, which is the main direction for the development of countertop materials in the future.

4. Glass countertops

Glass material is used for countertops, mainly because of its transparency; the thicker the glass, the higher the price; generally it will be combined with stone and iron Frames are combined together to compensate for the weight bearing. However, the joints are made of glass glue, which is prone to mildew after long-term use.

2. Above counter basin design

1. Advantages

Over counter basins are generally divided into embedded basins and independent basins, and you can choose the matching scheme Diverse. The above counter basin can also be modeled and customized according to personal preferences, highlighting the individuality, and the visual effect is very high-grade. And because of the height of the basin above the countertop, a lot of bathroom products can be placed.

2. Disadvantages

For the design of the countertop basin, if the countertop is broken, it is difficult to replace it; during use, water stains are also easy to splash on the countertop; When using water, it is very inconvenient. And it is not suitable for children to use.

3. Design of under-counter basin

1. Advantages

The design of under-counter basin, the basin edge and the countertop are basically on the same horizontal plane, which looks very simple, generous. It is very easy to take care of, and the water and stains on the countertop can be cleaned in the basin, which is convenient for unified treatment. The kitchen sink is basically a design pattern of an under-counter basin, which can prevent water stains from splashing on the countertop.

2. Disadvantages

The overall price of the under-counter basin + countertop is more expensive than the over-counter basin. If you want to make it yourself, the processing is a bit difficult and the cost is high.

Summary of the article: The above is the whole content of the types of washbasins and countertops prepared by the editor for everyone and whether the washbasins should be above counter basin or under counter basin. I hope that the above content about the vanity countertops can help everyone. If you want to know more, follow us a lot.

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