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'Typical' sanitary ware will become a new trend in the era of 'money fighting

by:KingKonree     2021-05-22

Recently, a roll of gold toilet paper made of 22k gold has aroused heated discussion among netizens on the Internet. Many people have said that the profligacy of local tyrants is uncontrollable. In recent years, such 'local tyrants' products are not uncommon, such as golden toilets, bathtubs that can swim freely, and so on. Although smart is not equal to fighting for money, for ordinary people, some high-priced sanitary products also more or less hide the meaning of 'forcing money'. However, the emergence of products must be derived from market demand, and those high-end smart sanitary products with a 'local tyrant' atmosphere will surely become a major trend in the future industry development.

In recent years, due to the continuous improvement of consumer demand, more demands and higher requirements have been put forward for hardware accessories. With the intelligentization of sanitary products, the hardware accessories related to sanitary ware also begin to become intelligent. To a certain extent, the quality of sanitary products is reflected in the selection of hardware accessories. The editor of Jiuzheng Building Materials Network believes that the inconvenience of bathroom products is largely caused by improper selection or lack of hardware accessories. There is a saying in the industry: 'As long as there are corresponding hardware accessories, very complex and multifunctional products can be produced.' One can imagine how important hardware accessories are to the sanitary ware industry.

The 'local tyrant-style' sanitary ware will become a new trend in the era of 'money fighting'.

As China, which has become one of the world's major hardware production countries, my country has a vast Market and consumption potential. With the development of economy, the stainless steel hardware industry is becoming more and more green and intelligent under the new form. As a symbol of modern and luxurious life, bathroom stainless steel hardware products have entered all aspects of people's lives. That is to say, it not only has sanitation and cleaning functions, but also includes health care functions, appreciation functions and entertainment functions. In terms of use functions, bathroom stainless steel hardware tends to be more humane. This makes China's stainless steel hardware products gradually become the main force in the world's hardware tool industry. Especially in the integrated bathroom design, automatic water temperature adjustment bathroom accessories, card locks, automatic doors, sensor switches, etc. have also begun to enter each of our lives.

Therefore, although some high-end smart sanitary wares are not yet favored by most consumers, some people even say: 'Some entertainment functions and health care functions of sanitary ware are useless at all.' However, as people consume With the improvement of the market, a fashionable and elegant life will definitely become the pursuit of urbanites. At that time, smart bathroom will enter the mid-end market, which will drive the consumer awareness in the low-end market, especially some targeted bathroom products. For example, health care sanitary products specially designed for the elderly, convenient sanitary products for children, etc., intelligent sanitary hardware accessories will also become a major trend in the industry.

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