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upstart sinks find a new level

by:KingKonree     2020-10-23
Bobtonmay 27,1999 from the website of American Standard company on the bathroom sink: \"It is a personal decision to choose the sink.
You will share many intimate moments together.
Shave before the interview.
Rinse before a blind date.
That\'s why you can\'t go home when you meet the first sink.
\"Just when you thought no one was leaving you, the bathroom sink was leaving too.
Those wide porcelain shoulders that you lean on every morning above, hold in every hand, and when you wake up, it bears the weight of the world for you, staring blindly at the void until the basin is full, you know where you are or who you are, and the water is still, and your face shakes to the front of your eyes safely. Gone.
Or go out loud and suck back. The old-
Old fashioned, big
The fashion and plumbing fixtures industry is removing its own drains, and the company has been steadily pouring into the market with the launch of new products, which it hopes will create a desire for a new type of bathroom sink.
Rising in the shadow of the sink is the bowl--an above-the-
Sit on the dresser like a salad bowl, hang on the wall like a water dispenser, or place it on the base like a basin.
It features non-ceramic materials such as glass, steel, stone and concrete.
The new sink is nothing but lips, as thin as the landlord\'s smile.
The ad \"I call it the pasta noodle bowl,\" says Bill Floro, showroom manager at New York replacement parts, a pipeline supply company located in the Upper East Side.
Bowl sink made a high
Profile at the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club decoration show this month. Eric D. W.
New York interior decoration company Cohler installed two traditional nickel sinks \"on the water\" on the dresser \".
He recently installed two glass bowls and a stainless steel mixing bowl as the sink for the client.
\"You can take anything and drill a hole in it,\" Mr. Cohler said.
The plumbing fixtures industry wants to believe that given the changing nature of residential bathrooms and the record level of spending on bathroom renovations, bowls represent a new interest in toilet sinks ---
According to the monthly trade journal kitchen and bathroom business, more than 7 million remaking jobs were completed in 1998.
But it turns out that this can be a daydream, especially when customers are aware of the reality of washing in barrels.
The designers seemed eager to sign the contract;
Homeowners in general may be more cautious.
First of all, New York does not believe the idea, at least for the main bathroom.
\"New York City has a tradition of 99%\"Florio said.
\"They are not big sellers.
Several local retailers say that there are fewer bathrooms per residential unit compared to suburban families, and most apartment families make more conservative choices on important fixtures, based on the practicality of the previous style.
Peter Sallick is president and chief executive of Waterworks, an upscale bathroom product company in Danbury, Connecticut.
Bowls, which has 22 stores across the country, says bowls is gradually becoming a trend, but he doubts whether they will go mainstream.
This is an interesting choice, he said.
\"In the dressing room it is decorative and unusual, but it is not a great sink in the kids or in the main bathroom.
Although waterworks is known for its stylish fixtures, bowls are not a major part of its sales, he said.
There is only one shop on display in SoHo, New York.
\"We are trying to reflect what our customers want instead of creating something to create a brand new level of demand,\" he said . \".
The bowl was originally designed by a designer.
Drive products mainly from European manufacturers, but Kohler of Greater Wisconsin has introduced three models
Two years ago, the Chicago-based company was at the industry-leading exhibition kitchen and bathroom.
Kohler now has 10 ships on its route.
American Standard Company for $6
With global sales of 7 billion last year, it has now entered the field with two bowls, which will be available in the mass market in the fall. Bowl-
Style sinks range from $350 for simple ceramic models to $3,000 for blown glass and handmade models
Into the Terracotta Warriors
Wanda Jankowski, editor of kitchen and bathroom business, said the ads \"they could be twice as many as they were two years ago,\" and he estimates bowl sinks now account for 10% of toilet sales.
\"I think it\'s just beginning. The baby-
The hipster generation has yet to spend money on holiday homes or second homes.
They put quality stuff in there and they are looking for something unusual.
\"Steve bisell, marketing manager for Kohler sanitary products, said the response to the sinking of its ships was unexpected.
\"There is no concept here that they will be popular,\" he said . \".
\"We were surprised.
We saw Home Depot pick them up from wholesalers.
He added with professional chagrin that we overestimate the consumer\'s desire for functionality.
\"While designers may have found bowls to be contemporary alternatives to traditional fixtures, they are contrary to most of the progress made in the indoor plumbing system.
\"We are discussing ideas based on the old washbasin . \"Bissell said. (
Say a word to the industry: an optional refrigeration unit provides ice breaking on the surface every morning. )
He said his development team also looked for inspiration for fruit plates for living room art pottery and dining room sideboards.
In fact, the popular part of the bowl is the changing nature of the bathroom, which is integrated with adjacent rooms such as bedrooms.
\"The bathrooms used to be very hygienic --
\"It looks like the environment is now the room that people want to provide,\" said Garry Uhl, director of product design for American standards . \". Mr.
Uhl, who uses bowls at home, expects the new sink to account for 30% of the company\'s toilet sales in five years.
\"More and more furniture is a trend --
Like a cabinet, he said.
The bowls \"allow people to bring different styles of furniture into the bathroom,\" he continued, adding, \"the table can be anything if the sink is just a bowl on the table.
In turn, the water source is now sprayed out like natural spring water elsewhere in the bedroom, right next to the makeup table and vanity table.
The method of \"everything but Bathroom sink\" helps to make decorative accents.
But the market may dry as consumers get wet.
As a fixture, the bowl has some obligation to function.
It is shaped like a satellite antenna that can receive both water and water.
\"They splashed flowers . \"
Interior decorator Koehler insists this is the only drawback.
He suggested carrying a sponge with him.
New York architect Mark Silverstein chose the Bowl for the client and installed it for himself, who recommended a towel.
\"You have to be patient,\" he said . \"
\"They are beautiful, but not the most practical sink in the world. \'\' Mr.
Silverstein suggested that they serve \"relatively neat married couples or singles. \'\'Wall-
Hanging and pedestal bowls without a table top or cabinet can be worse ---
Smallest and modern, a goal with a bull-
No rings for eyes.
You hit the center.
And there\'s no wide ledge. -
, China night drunk of handrail
Cool head.
Toothbrush, wine glass, contact lenses, lipstick, wedding ring, watch, ibuprofen bottle, soap, hand sanitizer, dental floss also do not have a convenient shelf, razors or any other unlikely items you might use in the bathroom sink.
Special pipes are also needed for bowls.
\"The problem is that you will see all the pipes under the sink,\" said Sheldon marker, manager of Davis and Woxiu bathroom fixtures showroom.
So people want to go in. the-wall plumbing.
But for example, many buildings in Manhattan, you can\'t do that.
Because of Bowles height, very few people object, he says.
The installed faucet can be installed, so the faucet must be installed on the wall, which exacerbated the problem.
It is commendable that when you wash your clothes, the bowl is willing to meet you on the half way, which helps them find the audience.
\"The Bowl,\" said Mr.
Bisell of Kohler
The standard below is 30 inch.
\"The counter bathroom sink, most people bend over uncomfortable,\" he continued, adding, \"it\'s 34 to 36 inch like the kitchen sink. \'\' Mr.
Bisoft said his industry was aware of the recent trend of installing kitchen cabinets in the bathroom due to the higher comfort.
\"It\'s easier to shave and make up,\" he said . \". Not always.
New Jersey interior designer Marcia Barkan, who has designated eight bowls for various residential work over the past two years, found herself now directing their relocation as well.
\"We rented an apartment in the city,a-
Terre has a glass bowl bathroom sink, she recalls.
\"We had to tear it off.
\"Customer, madam.
Barkan said his head was not cleaned between the bowl and the spout.
She also mentioned a \"wash\"
She clarified it as \"overflow--a lot.
Lady advertising.
Barkan has learned a lesson.
The situation remains distressing.
\"They are great as artwork,\" she said, as someone tightened the tap and slammed the theme sharply.
But they work too much.
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