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using acrylic kits to refinish your bathtub

by:KingKonree     2020-04-13
If there is debris, scratches or stains in your tub, you may want to change it.
However, to make it look like a new one, you may just want to use the acrylic bath paint.
Today, it\'s easy to find acrylic kits that can be used to add a brand new color to the tub, not to mention that you can add 15 to 20 years to the life of the tub.
The same process can be used with your sink and other similar bathroom features so you can make everything match.
If your bathtub is seriously rusted, you will only want to avoid this method.
Before you start working on this acrylic tub paint, you\'ll want to remove any caulking around the tub with an putty knife.
Next, clean the bathtub thoroughly and rinse it with clear water.
You may also want to take out the drain and do your best to keep the space between the bathtub and the wall as clean as possible.
After everything is good and dry, it is important that you do some sanding to make sure the surface is ready for painting.
It may take some effort, so some people prefer to use the Palm Sander.
The purpose of this sanding is not to remove the old paint, but to hope that the surface energy will better accommodate the new acrylic bath paint.
If Rust, you should also use anti-rust neutrals, and you can fill them with epoxy filler if you have any scratches.
It takes some time to heal, so make sure you see the package first.
Now, before you start applying acrylic bath paint, it is important to cover any surrounding surface you will not apply to keep them clean.
This can be done easily with paper and masking tape.
When you\'re looking for the best acrylic kit for the job, you should try to find something in a high-performance polymer coating known for producing a sturdy and durable finish.
There are many other advantages to using this product.
For example, it dries fast, has high UV resistance, is scratch-resistant, maintains gloss, and provides a variety of colors.
It is recommended that you use the spray gun in order to apply.
Spray with gentle back and forth motion and you can get a nice, even coat.
Usually you need to add 3 top coats to give each one enough time to dry between the two.
Upon completion, you should allow one or two days to heal the tub before you start using it again.
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