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Vinegar is a natural house cleaner. It can be

by:KingKonree     2020-09-10

Keeping your home clean and healthy is your first and foremost priority. So many products are available in the market for helping you in achieving your objective. Most of the cleaning products being marketed are chemical based which are very harsh in nature and can be harmful. Environment friendly house cleaning products are available too but they are a bit expensive. People are beginning to understand the importance of using eco friendly cleaners and green seems to have become everybody's favourite colour these days.

It is a hard fact to understand but you do not need to buy expensive designer labels to get your home well cleaned. There are many simple things that can be used to get the same result. These are very cheap and very effective at the same time. One such thing is vinegar, which might already be there in your kitchen. The active ingredient in vinegar is acetic acid which is a strong cleaning agent that has the potential to dissolve tarnish, build-ups, dirt, and grease from all kinds of surfaces.

Vinegar is also known to eliminate bacteria and other harmful germs. White vinegar is very good because it is actually diluted acetic acid. It is less harsh on the surfaces and hence more suitable for cleaning. True vinegar is very strong and can stain wood and fabrics. Vinegar should not be used on marble or granite because it can cause etching on the stone.

While cleaning kitchens, vinegar can be used straight out of the bottle to wipe down the surfaces of cabinets, shelves, sinks, glass, china, crystal, countertops, and painted surfaces. A vinegar soaked rag can also be used to remove scaling and mineral build-up around shower fixtures etc. Simply wrap the rag around the affected area for a few hours and the grime will be loosened easily. You do not need to rinse the area after application like you have to do when you use chemical cleaners.

If you want to make your own household cleaner for your kitchens and bathrooms, you can very easily do that by using a spray bottle with equal amounts of water and vinegar in it. You can add few drops of peppermint or rose oil to the mixture to give it a pleasant smell. This mixture can be used to clean almost all the surfaces throughout the house. It is particularly useful when used against mildew and soap scum in the bathroom by the shower or tub and in and around the area of kitchen sink.

This is one of the many very simple things that can be done to keep your kitchen and bathroom clean. This can be used without any problems in Schuller kitchens too. Natural cleaning products like vinegar should be used to keep the house free of hazardous waste.

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