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wall hung toilets - a basic guide

by:KingKonree     2020-03-09
Most people only see the toilet hanging on the wall in the public bathroom or in the company building.
Wall-mounted toilets may have started for commercial use, but are also rapidly gaining popularity in residential bathrooms.
In many cases of the family bathroom, it saves space and facilitates mopping the floor under and behind the toilet.
The extra floor space can improve the layout of the small bathroom, and the wall-mounted toilet is an aspect worth considering.
Wall-mounted toilets are probably the best option for many other reasons.
In some buildings and smaller bathrooms, like traditional toilets, it may not be feasible to discharge toilets through the floor of the room.
This may be the case for several reasons.
If the base plate of the bathroom is made of hard concrete and it is difficult to break through cleanly, a toilet that is ventilated from the back may be required.
Basically, this means that the waste needs to go back into the wall instead of the toilet on the water pipe sitting on the floor.
Even a modern bathroom, the toilet hanging on the wall may add a bit of style.
Another functional utility that wall-mounted toilets can provide is that in small bathrooms, the plumber is not able to dial the drain pipe of the toilet back from the floor to the waste line and the stacking line.
If this happens, then a wall-mounted toilet needs to be hung to solve this problem.
The toilet hanging on the wall is also great in the small bathroom design.
For a small bathroom or dressing room, the toilet hanging on the wall can increase the visual effect to expand the appearance of the room, especially if the toilet water tank is hidden on the wall.
The toilet will then take up less space and add a lot to the appeal and size of the room.
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