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wall hung toilets save space and make cleaning easy

by:KingKonree     2020-03-13
Wall-mounted toilets are a great way to save space in smaller bathrooms and make it easier to clean the bathrooms.
This is because the only visible part of your toilet is the bowl, which is hung on the ground rather than standing on it, so it\'s much easier to clean under and around it.
Now more and more people use this toilet, they also add a more modern look to the bathroom.
Wall-mounted toilets make the bathroom look relaxed due to their minimalist design, a cleaner look, and a much smaller footprint than standard floor-mounted toilets.
It is very different from the standard toilet, but not functionally.
As the name suggests, this type of toilet is firmly attached to the wall.
Water tanks, drains and other components that do not include bowls are hidden behind the wall.
Using a wall-mounted toilet frame usually made of steel, the toilet is securely attached to the wall.
The support system allows some models to weigh up to 1000.
This design greatly speeds up cleaning.
It\'s easy to sweep or mop under this toilet.
You will find that the standard toilet can be moved around and cleaned without the back.
Since there are far fewer parts to worry about, it is also much easier to clean the toilet itself.
The only problem with this setup is that if you need a repair, it will ask you to open the wall in order to get to the working parts of the toilet.
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