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Wash basin countertops are not only good-looking, but easy to clean is more important!

by:KingKonree     2021-07-04

1. Ceramic integrated basin

Ceramic integrated basin is a kind of more practical countertop. The integrally formed structure makes the countertop easy to clean, does not hide dirt, and is ceramic The cost of the basin is relatively low, which is suitable for families with limited decoration budgets.

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Second, artificial stone countertops

The cost of artificial stone countertops is a bit more expensive than ceramic basins, but this kind of texture is relatively high Said it will be a bit higher, the visual effect will be more beautiful.

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Three. Artificial stone integrated basin

With the advancement of production technology, artificial stone countertops can also be made into an integrated basin design In this way, not only the sense of space is high-end, but also the integrated basin design makes it easier to take care of.

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Four. Marble countertops

The cost of marble countertops It is a more expensive one, but the natural and high-end countertop has the most gorgeous and dignified overall visual sense.

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Among the textures of the washbasin countertops introduced above, which one is more suitable for your bathroom design?

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