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We all know that any type of shower drain can get clogged

by:KingKonree     2020-09-17

Shower Drains

Interestingly enough, the first thing you should try when unclogging your shower drain is pouring a hair removal product, Nair, for example, down the drain. Chances are hair is the reason for your clog and there's a good chance this will work. If it becomes a recurring problem, you may need a better shower drain cover to catch more of the hair before it enters your drain. If you don't have a hair removal product in your home, baking soda and vinegar can also work.

If this doesn't work, you may have a more extensive problem. You may need to call a plumber if you don't have the expertise to disassemble the drain. When you take this recourse, you should ask the plumber about the general condition of the shower drain, not just the clog. Newer drain assemblies use a bondable waterproof membrane that can protect your mortar bed from becoming saturated.

Floor Drains

Floor drains are a different matter altogether. More than just wastewater, lint, sand, and grime can crystallize in your drain causing a real clogging nightmare. When this happens you're way beyond hair removal products and will probably need to either call a plumber or rent a power auger. This machine uses cutting blades to cut through the clog. If you have a drain basin with a clean out plug, you'll be able to circumvent the drain trap and enter directly into the pipe. Otherwise, you'll have to snake the drain through the drain assembly, which increases the difficulty in reaching the clog. Once you reach the clog, the blades are designed to alternate directions as you move back and forth through the clog.

Floor drains are unique in that they are often designed to allow a certain amount of overflow. High amounts of pressure can be created in many floor drains. A standpipe holds back some of the wastewater causing the drain to overflow. This keeps the pipes and drain assembly from breaking. If you think your drain is accepting high levels of wastewater, this can be a bigger issue than a clog. You might consider talking to a plumber about any possible risks associated with your drain assembly.

In accordance with aspects of the present invention, a shower drain assembly is provided for use with a shower base having a drain opening. The drain assembly includes a drain fitting, an annular pressure plate, and an annular collar. The drain fitting has an upper lateral flange and an upright cylindrical portion extending downward from the underside of the flange. The cylindrical portion includes a number of rigid shelves extending laterally thereabout, with upright spaces being available between shelves.

The annular collar has an inner diameter with a number of ribs extending laterally inward from the inner diameter surface. The collar also includes a number of holes adapted to engage fasteners. During use, the drain fitting is inserted downward through the drain hole and is stopped by the flange. The pressure plate and collar are slipped upward around the drain fitting cylindrical portion, with the ribs passing through the cylindrical portion spaces. The collar is rotated so that the bottom of the ribs rest against the surface of the shelves. The fasteners are inserted into the holes and made to create an upward force on the pressure plate and a downward force on the collar. The collar ribs engage the shelves, thereby pulling the fitting downward.

In accordance with still other aspects of this invention, an improvement to a shower drain fitting having an upper lateral flange and an cylindrical portion extending downward from the underside of the flange is provided. The improvement includes a number of channels formed in the cylindrical portion exterior surfaces the channels being formed as upside down 'J' shapes. The improvement further includes an annular collar having an inner diameter with a number of ribs extending laterally inward from the inner diameter surface. The collar includes a number of holes, each being adapted to engage a fastener. During use, the collar is placed about the cylindrical portion with the collar ribs being engaged in the channels.

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