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We are definitely becoming more attached to our

by:KingKonree     2020-09-01

A popular trend is to have a comfortable yet stylish kitchen based upon the country / rustic lines, regardless of the fact that we may well live in the centre of a bustling city.

Whatever your chosen style, it is likely that this kitchen will be the hub of your home; where you get to spend some time with the family, have a laugh with friends, share a radio play or sit and read the newspaper, but don't think for a moment that you will be alone - if you love it - they will too.

So - what is a country kitchen and how can I achieve it?

A country kitchen in my view cannot simply be achieved by buying some natural wood kitchen units. It is a beautiful mixture of good kitchen units, comfortable decor, quirky rustic knick knacks, colours, tiles and fabrics, set carefully amongst modern appliances and conveniences. The overall country kitchen look remains, as ever, very desirable. You probably just need a bit of inspiration and a little help in selecting the 'mood' items to compliment the kitchen units of your choice.

Conjure up a picture of a country kitchen and most of us think of wood, hanging dried herbs, dressers, baskets of eggs and a warm range - well that's not a bad start. Most quality kitchen design companies today will have ranges that can accommodate most of the above although you will probably need to supply your own herbs and eggs!

Don't forget to not only look at ranges that may be advertised as county or rustic. The classic Shaker style kitchens lend themselves beautifully to a stylish country feel.

You can still add your own touches to that fitted furniture - an old stripped down chest looks pretty good or say a butcher's trolley, even a free standing table and chairs - just think atmosphere and comfort - but not clutter!

See - it's already around you - what you have to do now is to take that design you want and create your scheme around it.

Think about colour and materials

Rich creams and yellows are well known to give a sunny glow coupled with an earthly or clay colour to the floors. Nice warm earthy colours are normally considered for a country kitchen but don't ignore neutral colours like white or bone especial if you are planning bright coloured accessories to add to your dresser or display cabinets.

Curtains with earthy colours and country designs add to your decor, or for those of us who are not keen on having curtains around working kitchens, try adding pull-down blinds - some of the colours available today are inspiring.

Stencilling around windows can add to the rustic look.

Use the worktops that you select to contrast the cabinets / kitchen furniture you have selected and consider matching them to complement the flooring.

I know I'm banging on about it, but floor and worktops are very important elements to maintain the rustic country look, and if your budget can manage it, consider tiles, slate, stone or marble for the worktop, with terracotta tiles, stone or wood for the floor.

Accessories - and its now over to you

OK - So you have your furniture installed. The floors and worktops are all in and the curtains or blinds are up so now you need to get the accessories sorted to complete your country kitchen look - this bit really needs to be down to you - it's your dream. Outlined below are just simple one line thoughts and hints

A couple of final thoughts

Try to keep your theme in mind - I have seen a perfectly good scheme spoiled by the classic 'I saw that gladiator wearing a wrist watch' moment which can tarnish the entire effect - If you go the whole way and install the butler sink and you have your rustic handles etc do try to remember that stainless steel taps will look sooooooooo out of place!

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