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We must pay close attention to these 4 major links in bathroom tiles.

by:KingKonree     2021-05-18

The bathroom is an important and special location during house renovation. Generally speaking, the bathroom and the bathroom are connected together. There are many auxiliary facilities in the bathroom, such as toilets, wash basins, bidets or bathtubs. In addition, ordinary toilets will have important drainage pipes. The existence of pipes will affect the laying of tiles. Friends often ask the editor about what problems should be paid attention to when tiling tiles in the bathroom at home. Let me give you the following In detail:

1. The choice of bathroom tiles

The bathroom is usually wet and dark. Some bathrooms may have air vents or small windows, but the lighting effect is very poor. Generally, when choosing ceramic tiles, choose some slightly bright tiles. Many people like some bright and patterned tiles. In addition, the bathroom is relatively slippery. Choose wear-resistant tiles or some with patterns as much as possible to prevent wrestling; The bathroom needs to be cleaned regularly, and the tiles are as easy to clean as possible, and it is not easy to absorb dirt. The wall tiles in the bathroom are generally high in order to prevent water from splashing on the wall.

2. Waterproof protection before paving

The bathroom is a place where there is often water. Therefore, when decorating the home, pay attention to waterproof treatment. If the waterproofing is not done well, it will cause Water leakage affects the use of the house, and at the same time decorates the users downstairs or affects normal life. In our lives, neighbourhood conflicts often happen because of leaks in the bathroom. When paving the bathroom tiles, make waterproof in advance, and do not damage the waterproof structure when paving, so as to ensure normal use.

3. The impact of bathroom floor heating

Now people’s lives are constantly improving. For some northern cities or parts of the south, many people choose floor heating in winter. The use of floor heating will affect the tile laying. For the bathroom, the floor heating is below the tiles. When laying tiles, pay attention to the protection of the floor heating pipes. Water floor heating is floor heating water pipes. Electric floor heating usually uses heating cables. Once damaged, the entire system is invalid. So, pay attention to protection.

4. Impact of toilet piping system

The piping of the toilet usually has water supply pipes and drain pipes. The diameter of the water supply pipes is generally relatively small, and the impact on the decoration is not large, usually* *The drain pipe that easily affects the tile placement is the drain pipe. The drain riser is generally thicker. Basically, the drain pipe of DN200 or DN250, and some are even larger. In the drain pipe, in order to facilitate the maintenance of the water pipe, an inspection port is usually set. Building drainage standpipes must also be equipped with vents to facilitate the rapid discharge of sewage. When tiles are laid, care should be taken to avoid sealing these openings, which will make it impossible to use.

When buying ceramic tiles, usually the placement of tiles will be divided. Different styles of tiles have different uses. This salesperson will explain them. In addition to the points noted above, the tiles in the bathroom are also Can not be separated from the decoration style of the whole house.

Reminder from the editor of Jiuzheng Sanitary Ware Network: The building area of u200bu200bthe bathroom is relatively small, and the size of the ceramic tiles is usually a small size, which can not only reduce waste, but also make people feel in effect. The illusion of a large bathroom space.

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