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We wash our face every day, but do you know the

by:KingKonree     2020-07-21
Don't use basin when washing face Many people would like to use basin when they wash face, not to mention the cleanliness of the basin, just say the water alone, after the interaction of hands and face, it becomes muddier, and finally ended with dirty. Not to compare with using running water to wash. First rubbing the hands clean and then wash face with hands. Face will become more and cleaner. Don't use soap Facial skin has large sebaceous glands and sweat glands, all the time it synthesis of a natural 'high cosmetic cream', the skin forms an invisible protective film. It is slightly acidic, with a strong sterilization effect. Alkaline soap will not only destroy its protective effect, and will stimulate the sebaceous to produce more 'oil'. Don't use hot water Hot water can completely remove the face of the protective film, so after washing our face with soap and hot water, our skin will feel very tight and uncomfortable. In fact, even in winter there was no need to use hot water to wash, cold water can not only wash away the dust of face, but also exercise the facial blood vessels and nerves, keeping your mind awake. Don't use wet towel The wet environment of wet towels is benefit to breed various microorganisms. So, use the wet towel after face cleaning, is equal to wipe our face with all kinds of bacteria. Certainly we can't keep a clean and healthy skin. So remember to use the towel that clean and dry.
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