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What are the advantages and disadvantages of artificial quartz stone countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-05-01

The artificial quartz stone countertop is a well-known modern home cabinet countertop, and everyone knows that it is a very popular countertop. However, what are the advantages and disadvantages of quartz stone countertops?

Advantages of artificial quartz stone countertops

1. Countertops made of quartz stone ensure high hardness and durability. On the basis of high temperature, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, and easy cleaning, there are no radioactive elements harmful to the human body.

2. Generally, the quartz stone slab contains up to 93% natural quartz, and also contains resin, mineral pigments and other additives. The selected materials form an extremely tight composite after color mixing and vacuum high pressure. After complex cutting and surface polishing process, it becomes quartz stone. The surface of this plate is as hard as granite, the color is as rich as marble, the structure is as antiseptic and stain resistant as glass, and the shape after finishing is like artificial stone. Just as perfect.

3. Quartz stone has extremely high hardness, which can be scratch-resistant and abrasion-resistant; iron tools such as shovel blades, wallpaper knives and steel wire balls cannot scratch it. The surface hardness of the quartz stone countertops reaches Mohs's hard seat (6-7), and the metal appliances used in the family are not easy to scratch and wear. Quartz stone countertops are easy to take care of due to their high hardness.

4. Quartz stone processing dust is small. Quartz stone processing conforms to water saw and water grinding, which greatly reduces dust. During the installation process, a large area of u200bu200bpolishing is not required. After precise measurement, all processes except for on-site splicing are completed in the factory, which greatly reduces the dust on the installation site. . Quartz stone contains a variety of composite materials and ultra-fine quartz powder, forming a microporous structure on the surface of the countertop, with a uniform water absorption rate of only 0.03%. High-quality materials ensure that the quartz stone is not saturated at all.

5. Corrosion resistance, high-quality quartz stone is not doped with marble or granite powder. These minerals have calcium carbonate, and a certain proportion of acid drops on the surface of the quartz stone plate. The high-quality quartz stone plate has no reaction.

Disadvantages of artificial quartz stone countertops

1. At present, there is no way to complete the perfect splicing of quartz stone like artificial stone. , Quartz stone countertops can be seen with splicing traces, of course, the traces are not deep.

2. The maturity of the processing technology and the increase in speed have also become the factors that limit the development of quartz stone. The processing of quartz stone requires relatively high technological requirements. Nowadays, there are not too many workers who control the processing technology, which also limits the development of quartz stone.

3. Because the quartz sand content of the quartz stone plate is more than 93%, the hardness is high, and the brittleness is high, and the toughness is low. When the material cannot withstand the internal stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction, cracks will appear.

4. The price of quartz stone slabs is relatively high. Because of the high cost of production process, the quality of quartz stone countertops in the market is also divided into three or six or nine grades. Consumers must choose credibility when choosing. Better brand companies with guaranteed service make purchases.

Finally, I want to remind everyone that because artificial quartz stone is the most popular choice for countertops, there are more inferior products on the market. Everyone must pay attention to distinguish carefully when purchasing.

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