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What are the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-04-07

   ceramic cabinet countertops have the advantages of high temperature resistance, scratch resistance, greasy resistance, easy cleaning, water resistance, strong impact resistance, long service life, affordable prices, and high cost performance. Today we will explain what are the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic countertops?

  Ceramic countertop performance

  1, mechanical strength:

   epoxy resin countertop is made of ring Oxygen resin and silica powder (quartz sand powder) are mixed with binder and colorant and cast at a temperature of about 100 degrees. The compactness of the laboratory table is comparable to that of the pressed physical and chemical board (VIA, Trespa, etc.) are still not as good as the ceramic countertops made by firing. Therefore, epoxy resin countertops will have scratches during use. Glass containers, pens, and even nails can cause scratches on their surfaces. After the marks appear, they can be wiped with vegetable oil to solve the short-term beauty, and the original appearance will still be revealed after a period of time. Some traces.

This will not happen to the    ceramic countertops, because they are made by firing, and there is a dense and hard special professional glaze on the countertops and sides. The professional thickness of the integrated ceramic countertops is 25mm. Metal knives can also not carve marks on it. Therefore, its mechanical strength is unmatched by other countertops. Once installed, the service life is extremely long.

  2. Chemical properties:

   Ceramic countertops except hydrofluoric acid (HF), no other acid and alkali can cause harm to it. The epoxy resin also has its own relatively strong corrosion resistance. Since epoxy resin is made by casting, its compactness is not high. Therefore, there will be a lot of pores on the countertop, and when liquid is splashed on the countertop, some of it will penetrate into the countertop. No matter how you wipe it, it still cannot be completely cleaned. Although epoxy resin, the main component of the countertop, will not be corroded by this, the pigment inside will be corroded by liquids such as acid and alkali. Spots will appear on the countertop, which will basically occur in about a year, causing the countertop to be unsightly.

  3. Temperature resistance:

   The temperature resistance of ceramic countertops is about 1000 degrees, while epoxy resin The temperature resistance is about 100 degrees. This point is related to their processing technology.

  4. After-sales maintenance:

  Ceramic countertops are basically only the investment in the early installation will be relatively large, but there is basically no maintenance cost in the later period (unless you use a hammer to hit it) . Since the epoxy resin countertop is integrally formed, there is a possibility of polishing. But because polishing all countertops is a huge amount of work, it is basically impossible; it is impossible to polish only one countertop and cause the color difference with other countertops.

  The color corrosion of epoxy resin is caused by penetration, because the color penetration may not only be caused by the surface layer, but may have a few millimeters deep corrosion, so ordinary Sanding is basically unable to solve the problem of color corrosion.

  5. Brand issues:

   There is also the fact that the production method of epoxy resin countertops in the market is open to the outside world, so there are many manufacturers. Some laboratory furniture companies also produce epoxy resin countertops, but Durcon, the most professional epoxy resin manufacturer in the world, cannot change the above problems with its products. You can imagine the epoxy resin produced by other manufacturers. Up.

  The advantages of ceramic cabinet countertops

  1. Environmental protection: The most important thing about this kind of cabinet is environmental protection. Because the board of the whole cabinet is made of particleboard and density board as the base material, even if the board is environmentally friendly, it is inevitable to use glue. Therefore, even if the cabinet panels meet the environmental protection standards, there will still be some formaldehyde residues.

  2. Good performance: It is not only strong and environmentally friendly, but also meets the three major requirements of waterproof, fireproof and insect-proof. It also has corrosion resistance, acid resistance, good cleaning, oil resistance, and scratch resistance. Function. This is irreplaceable by any other kind of cabinet.

  3. Durable and durable: Durability is the first. Generally, the service life of wooden cabinets is 3-5 years, or even shorter. The ceramic cabinets are at least 10 years or more, and even have the same life span as a house. The basic framework of the cabinet is made of ceramic tiles and aluminum alloy, and the countertop is also poured with cement, so it is stronger and more durable than the general wooden frame of the whole cabinet.

  After reading the above article introduction, I hope it will help you in your life.

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