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What are the advantages and disadvantages of fireproof board countertops?

by:KingKonree     2021-04-08

  Fireproof board countertop is a common cabinet countertop, also known as high-pressure decorative refractory board. What are the advantages and disadvantages of fireproof board countertops? It has the characteristics of abrasion resistance, antibacterial and easy cleaning, light resistance, high temperature resistance and boiling water resistance, scratch resistance and impact resistance. The following will give you a detailed introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of the fireproof board countertops.

  [What are the advantages and disadvantages of fireproof board countertops]

  One, what is fireproof board countertop

  The fireproof board is mainly made of siliceous material or calcium material The raw materials, mixed with a certain proportion of fiber materials, lightweight aggregates, adhesives and chemical additives, are made of decorative panels by autoclave technology. It is a new type of material that is used more and more at present, and its use is not only because of fire prevention factors. The construction of fireproof board has higher requirements for pasting glue, and the price of better quality fireproof board is more expensive than decorative panel.

  Second, the advantages of fireproof board countertops:

  1. Thermal insulation: its thermal insulation and thermal insulation are six times that of glass and three times that of clay. Times, ten times that of ordinary concrete;

  2, light weight and high strength: 1/4 of ordinary concrete, 1/3 of clay brick, lighter than water, and equivalent to wood; cubic compressive strength ≥ 4mpa. Especially in the steel structure engineering, the use of ALC board as the enclosure structure can better exert its advantages of light weight, high strength, good ductility, and strong earthquake resistance.

  3. Fire-resistant and flame-retardant: Aerated concrete is inorganic, will not burn, and will not produce harmful gases at high temperatures; at the same time, the thermal conductivity of aerated concrete is very small, which makes heat migration slow , Can effectively resist fire, and protect its structure from fire.

  4. Convenient processing: it can be sawed, drilled, ground, nailed, and can more easily reflect the design intent;

  5, sound absorption and sound insulation: can be reduced by its thickness 30-50 decibel noise; the internal constituent material of the lightweight strip series (EPS polystyrene particles) has good sound insulation performance and sound absorption function.

  6. Adaptable load: wind load, snow load and dynamic load.

  7. Good durability: ALC board is a kind of silicate material, there is no aging problem, and it is not easy to be weathered. It is a durable building material. Its normal service life can be compared with all kinds of permanent Match the life span of the sexual building.

   8. Green and environmental protection: ALC board is not radioactive, and there is no spill of harmful substances. The superiority of aerated concrete fireproof board: In the production process, no pollution and hazardous waste are generated. When in use, no radioactive substances and harmful gases are produced, even at high temperatures and fires. Each independent micro-bubbles make the aerated concrete products have certain impermeability and can prevent the penetration of water and gas.

  9. Economical and practical: It can increase the usable area, reduce the cost of foundation, shorten the construction period, reduce the cost of heating and air conditioning, and achieve energy-saving effects.

   10. Convenient construction: Aerated concrete products are accurate in size and light in weight, which can greatly reduce manpower and material resources. The dry construction method is often used when installing the panels, which is simple in process and high in efficiency, which can effectively shorten the construction period.

  3. Disadvantages of fireproof board countertops

  1. There is a lack of effective treatment methods at the joints of corner countertops. Silicone glue is usually used. Plastic and special metal strips are embedded to increase aesthetics.

  2. Because the countertop is made of particleboard or medium-density board as the base material, the surface is formed with fireproof board. The countertop is easily corroded by water and moisture. Improper use will cause degumming, deformation, and serious expansion of the base material. as a result of.

  3. The straight edge and straight bending processing technology of refractory plate has caused certain limitations in the shape change, adaptation of various room types, and design requirements for refractory plate countertops.

  Four. How to maintain the fireproof board countertop

   Maintenance: When using the quartz stone countertop, if the overheated appliance is placed for a long time, such as the pot that has just finished cooking , Thermal expansion and contraction will cause the internal molecules of the material to change. Over time, it will cause the table top to become yellow and lose its luster or cracks. It is best to place a small pot pad or shelf on the countertop to prevent the overheated pot bottom from directly contacting the countertop. Let cool for a few minutes before placing hot pots.

   Tip: The countertop should be waxed regularly.

  [How to choose a fireproof board countertop]

  1. Choose well-known brand products: Fireproof board has many advantages such as fire resistance, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, etc., so it is more and more Consumers love it. There are more and more fireproof board products on the market, but it is not uncommon for them to be shoddy and shoddy. When purchasing, it is recommended to choose a well-known brand of fireproof board, although the price may be more expensive, but the quality and after-sales are relatively guaranteed.

  2. Check the product test report and combustion level: When purchasing fireproof panels, pay attention to check whether the fireproof panels have product trademarks, industry inspection reports, product certifications, etc. , If not, it is recommended not to buy. Check the product's test report carefully to see whether the product's performance indicators are qualified, especially pay attention to check the product combustion level in the test report. The higher the combustion level, the better the fire resistance of the product.

  3. Check the appearance of the fireproof board product: First, check whether the color and texture of the whole board are the same, whether there is any color difference, whether there is any defect, whether there is unevenness and blistering by hand, The high-quality fireproof board should be a product with clear and thorough patterns, no color difference, smooth surface, and abrasion resistance.

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