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What are the best ingredients for kitchen countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-04-26

The countertop of the kitchen is the place that is most likely to come into contact with food, and it is also easy to be damaged, so it is very important to choose the right countertop. Choosing kitchen countertops firstly depends on antibacterial properties and durability. So what kind of material should be used for the kitchen countertop?

What is the best material for kitchen countertops

Natural stone countertops

Natural stone countertops are divided into granite countertops and marble countertops. The difference between the two countertops lies in the appearance. The marble pattern is relatively soft, the appearance has the texture of biological remains, and the surface stripes are irregularly distributed; while the granite is slightly white or gray with spots on the appearance. The addition of potassium feldspar makes It is red or flesh-colored.

The advantages of the two are roughly the same. They have high hardness, good abrasion resistance, and minor scratches will not be particularly noticeable; but they also have the same disadvantage, that is, there are seams on the surface of the two, which is easy Hidden dirt and dirt; and because of the high hardness of the two, when two pieces of stone are needed to bond, there can be no gaps, and these gaps will accumulate dirt in future use, causing the appearance of the countertop to be unsightly.

Artificial stone countertops

Artificial stone countertops are the most commonly used cabinet countertops. The main reason is that they have many advantages, mainly as follows:

1. Wear resistance, acid resistance and high temperature resistance. These three points just meet the requirements of the kitchen for cabinet countertops and are very suitable for daily use.

2. There are no pores on the surface of the countertop, and dirt such as oil stains and water stains will not penetrate into it, so that it will not appear dirty even after long-term use.

3. If the cabinet needs a longer countertop, the artificial stone can be seamlessly bonded without any gaps.

4. If the surface is scratched, it can be polished with gauze paper soaked in water so that it will not leave marks on the surface.

Stainless steel cabinet countertops

Although the appearance of stainless steel cabinet countertops is not as good as granite and marble, the appearance is relatively low-key. However, the stainless steel material is very easy to take care of. Generally, it is very clean after wiping it with a rag. However, steel wire balls and sharp tools can easily add scars to the surface of stainless steel, so pay attention to maintenance.

Fireproof board cabinet countertop

Fireproof board is based on density board, which has good color, rich in color, convenient modeling, good impact resistance, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance. Fireproof board, like stone, cannot form a countertop together, it needs to be spliced, and the joints are easy to hide dirt and bacteria.

Ceramic tile cabinet countertops

The ceramic tiles have various patterns, which are suitable for creating cabinets of various styles. Retro style and pastoral style are exclusive to tile countertops. But daily use will leave dirty marks in the cracks of the tiles, which will be difficult to beat over time, and it is easy to breed bacteria. And it is easy to break under the impact of heavy objects.

Pure acrylic artificial stone countertops (artificial stone countertops with more than 40% acrylic content are called pure acrylic countertops)

Advantages: good products can do it Absolutely impermeable, seamless splicing, arbitrary shape, very good toughness, basically no breakage.

Disadvantages: Can’t withstand too high temperature (you can’t put the cooking pan directly on it, the bowl of hot soup is not afraid) and can’t use sharp objects to scratch it (but it doesn’t really matter. Yes, whoever uses such a good thing to scratch it, but cutting anything has to be a cutting board), although many strategies have introduced how to identify, but the fact is that it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, and this product is expensive , The safest way is to look for the brand to buy.

Composite acrylic artificial stone

It is made by adding a small amount of acrylic to chemical raw materials such as mineral powder, aluminum powder, calcium powder, etc. The quality varies from good to bad, and the products of good brand manufacturers are still good Yes, it is similar to pure acrylic countertops, but many features are not so good. For example, it is generally difficult to prevent seepage and the toughness is poor. Therefore, the use of this type of countertop generally needs to be padded under it to increase the strength to prevent breakage. .

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