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What are the characteristics of crystal stone countertops?

by:KingKonree     2021-04-13

   Speaking of cabinet countertops, there are many kinds of materials. The quality of cabinet countertops has a great relationship with the material. How about cabinet crystal stone countertops? Today we will talk about this issue.

  The characteristics of crystal stone plate

   The material is non-porous and uniform, and the whole plate has uniformity; it can be spliced u200bu200bwithout The continuous surface of the seam, and the product surface is restored as new through maintenance and renovation; the crystal plate can transmit light; the plate strength is high; the water absorption rate is extremely low, and there is no pollution and radiation; it is a green and environmentally friendly building material product.

Application range of    crystal stone plate

   This product is widely used in homes for translucent ceilings, translucent background walls, translucent furniture, translucent countertops, translucent lampshades, lighting decorations , Lampposts, handicrafts, etc. have unique decorative effects. There are also hotels, hotels, business buildings, dance halls, discos, coffee shops and other entertainment venues.

  Crystal stone countertop maintenance

  1. What should I do if the countertop is dirty? Squeeze a little detergent on the cleaning cloth and wipe it lightly with water and then wipe it with a dry cloth; you can't use the cleaning ball to wash it, it is easy to leave scratches on the table.

  2, what should I do if there are scratches? First use coarse sandpaper to remove the scratches, and then use #400 mesh, #600 mesh, #800 mesh, #1000 mesh, #1200 mesh, #1500 mesh in sequence, and quickly water sand with each type of sandpaper for 2 to 5 minutes. Then spray some Bi Lizhu and polish it with a dry cotton cloth! (For fear of trouble, call the manufacturer directly to deal with it)

  3. Can the heat source be placed directly on the counter? Do not put items that are too high in temperature directly. It is best to put a wooden heat insulation pad between the items and the countertop.

  4. Can the countertop be impacted by external forces? Where there is no thickening and reinforcement, using vigorously to chop bones on the countertop and manipulate other items that require a lot of force may damage the countertop.

   5. Can artificial stones accumulate water for a long time? For a long time (more than 12 hours), allowing liquids such as water, vinegar, and soy sauce to stay on the countertop may damage the countertop surface. For the beauty of the countertop, ensure that the countertop is dry and prevent water seepage!

   cabinet crystal stone countertop price

   under normal circumstances cabinet crystal stone countertop

   price: 480 Yuan/m

   Specifications: The table top is below 600mm in depth, and the length is calculated by the meter, and it is customized according to customer requirements. In some places, the price is also different according to regional differences or different types of crystal stones. This is just a reference price!

   After reading the introduction of the above article, I believe you already know something about this material. Hope this will help your life.

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