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What are the characteristics of quartz stone cabinet countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-04-09

  Quartz countertops are one of many types of cabinet countertops. This material is characterized by its high-quality hardness. The highest desert hardness is ten, while the hardness of quartz stone is more than half of the hardness. Although the resistance to fall is good, the plasticity is not very high, because the hardness is too Taller. These are just a few of the quartz stone, today I will tell you what are the characteristics of the quartz stone cabinet countertops?

  Quartz stone countertops are generally used in cabinets. Of course, they are not made of natural stone, but are made of quartz sand and Made from shards of glass. The production process is as follows. First, the quartz sand is made into powder and refined with sophisticated equipment to remove impurities and harmful substances. After three and then mixing with a variety of materials, there are many processes to go through, and it is precisely because of these that high-quality quartz stone can be produced.

Characteristics of   quartz stone countertops

  Some materials made into cabinets will be easily scratched, while quartz stone countertops will not be like this. The compression of the vacuum makes the hardness of the quartz stone As high as 7.5, everyone knows that the highest hardness is ten, so the quartz stone will not be easily scratched. The raw material of quartz stone is a material with a higher melting point, so quartz stone can withstand high temperatures. Although it is not a natural stone, after a special process, the quartz stone also feels like a real stone.

   has gone through multiple processes, and the harmful substances in it have already been cleared. The cabinet made can be operated with food materials on it. The pigments of quartz stone are mainly mineral pigments, which are the same as natural stone, and they also have the problem of not discoloring easily and not fading. Some countertops will be broken, but quartz stone will not, because of its high elasticity, it will not be easily broken. Daily maintenance is also very simple and convenient, and it can be done with ordinary detergents.

  1, not scratching

   As we all know, there are so many things on the countertop of the cabinet, which is inevitable in daily life. There will be scratches. If the cabinet countertops are scratched, the aesthetics will also be affected. Quartz stone countertops have relatively high hardness and are not easy to be scratched.

  2, no pollution

   quartz stone countertops are produced under vacuum, so their density is relatively high. The water absorption rate is relatively small, which can effectively resist the corrosion of acid and alkali substances.

  3. Longer service life

   Quartz will not fade after being used for a period of time due to scratches or corrosion. Quartz stone will keep the surface smooth no matter how long it is used. If the table area has accumulated ashes or dirt for a long time, it can be cleaned with detergent. It really doesn't work, you can also scrape it with a knife.

  4. Flame retardant

   In the kitchen, the easiest and most taboo thing is fire. If the cabinet is made of flammable materials, it can obviously provide fuel for the fire. The quartz stone is completely incombustible, which prevents fires to a certain extent.

   The above is an introduction to the features of quartz stone cabinet countertops on this website. Hope it can help you in your life.

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