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What are the cleaning methods for marble countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-04-23

  Is the marble countertop difficult to clean? How to quickly remove stains on marble countertops? Let me talk about it below.

  Relevant persons have conducted a survey on the cleaning of artificial stone countertops that people often come into contact with in daily life. Most of them say that their artificial stone countertops are stained and it is difficult to clean stubborn stains.

   Most aunts said that it is difficult to remove oil stains, conditioning juices, bowl marks, cup marks, etc., after several years The countertop even turned yellow afterwards.

   How to quickly and effectively clean the stains on artificial stone countertops? Related investigators brought two more experienced aunts to do an experiment. For the same countertop aunts how to quickly clean stains.

  The two aunts used a rag and a scouring pad respectively, and the test officially started;

   First, the two aunts used a rag to wipe stubborn stains, and the time was minute and second. It's been about ten minutes, but the countertop still has no obvious effect. The aunt said that ordinary methods cannot be used for stubborn stains.

   The next two aunts will use their killer features-toothpaste and white vinegar, special treatment for stubborn stains, they use a scouring pad to wipe clean in a short while, but using toothpaste is easy, fast and the most effective!

  The test results show that: using scouring pad and toothpaste can quickly remove stains! Relevant persons also said: Because the performance of artificial stone countertops in ordinary households is average, some are more likely to be low-end calcium powder boards. The performance is the worst, and the most prone to water seepage, stains, discoloration, etc., the two aunts mentioned above use toothpaste. The method of cleaning artificial stone countertops is the simplest and most effective!

   1. Pour an appropriate amount of washing powder (must be dry washing powder) on the countertop, and then use the washing powder: detergent is about 3:2 Add detergent and mix in the proportions.

  2. Dip the mixture with a rag (a brush that is not afraid of abrasion on the countertop), and wipe the stained place repeatedly. The stain can be wiped off.

  3. Rinse the countertop with clean water.

   The above is the method this website brings to you, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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